Will Gears of War 2 Challenge Halo 3 Records?

There is another blockbuster gaming event this week on November 7: the release of "Gears of War 2 " The game published by Microsoft Game Studio's unit and developed by Epic Games Inc. comes on the heels of the original "Gears of War" which sold more than 5 million copies.

While the figures are going to be hard to compare, this looks like it has a shot at being one of the top video game releases of this year.

The game already achieved Gold Status early last month. Marcus Fenix may be no Master Chief in total sales yet, but being a number two in this race is still a major win. If the game is a fraction as good as the many game previews and reviews, it is a safe bet that this will also be one of the big Christmas gifts this year.

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silverchode4056d ago

i doubt it. half the people i know that own a 360 want gears2 while the other half wants cod5.

M337ING4056d ago

What does gold status have to do with sales?

STICKzophrenic4056d ago

The author probably thinks it's the same gold as music sales (100,000 copies sold I think). It's just him being uninformed to gaming terminology I guess.

Danja4056d ago

Im guessing that they announced they had 100% finished developing the game...

Sitdown4056d ago

the game would not be pressed, and put on shelves....thus making it hard for consumers to get it...which means no sales.


If it does,then it'll officially confirm its flop status

4056d ago
Kleptic4056d ago

Halo 3 would have done A LOT better if Cod 4 wasn't a better game...but Gears doesn't have half the brand recognition that Halo has...parents know what halo is without asking...they have never heard of Gears...

Gears 2 will sell well...but being the biggest entertainment launch in history (halo 3 currently holds that still) is a pipe dream...

tatotiburon4056d ago

impossible, any exclusive of any console can't beat Halo 3 records

outlawlife4056d ago

i fail to see your logic here

halo 3 was a 360 exclusive and since that time the install base has grown significantly...why exactly can no other game do those numbers?

you can't give the argument that halo is this pop culture phenomenon considering gears 2 is piping up to be just as big

gears of war 2 is making main stream non gaming news constantly, people are watching it, movie studios have changed film release dates so they don't fall on gears 2 weekend

gears 2 is huge, and has a larger potential consumer base

face it or not, gears is the new halo, halo was ms flagship title, but no longer, they are milking the halo series as much as they can but gears 2 is where their real money is

it is 100% possible that gears 2 will do halo numbers, while i don't think it will i think it will come rather close

another thing to factor in is when halo released, it came in september to beat out the holiday rush, gears is dead in the middle fighting for shelf space

Gam714055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

edit never mind. hit wrong reply button

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The story is too old to be commented.