Xbox Games Pass won't 'get complacent’ Microsoft vows, as next-gen Scarlett plans loom

Microsoft has started the next generation preparation already, and it knows it can't rest on its laurels at Stadia and PS5 offer a brand new challenge.

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XiNatsuDragnel35d ago

Why are you lyin? Because any company will be complacent look At Sony in PS2/PS3 era, YouTube, etc...

Poopmist34d ago

A fanboy!!! On this website!!!!

XiNatsuDragnel34d ago

What I'm sorry I'm pointing out that every company gets complacent eventually so what's wrong with that?

shaggy230334d ago


Companies get complacent when they dominate the industry they are in. Sony became complacent when the launched the PS3 because they dominated with the PS2. Microsoft became complacent because they did so well with the 360 (arguable if they dominated, but that's for a different discussion)

Microsoft isnt dominating, so there is little reason to think they will become complacent.

EasilyTheBest35d ago

I have the Gamepass App on my phone, its great looking through the games and being able to remotely download it to my One X so it's there ready to play when I get home.
I'm hoping that when X cloud becomes available I will be able to go on the same Gamepass app and just play the game right from there on my phone. That would be an awesome combination.

tekiz34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Ah sounds cool, like the PlayStation app I used way back on PS3 to start downloads.

RangerWalk26734d ago

But I only rent the one and done exclusives on my Pro. Can't download those from my phone

tekiz34d ago

Cool, I don't even find xbox games worth renting.

eaze201334d ago

I think that is their plan at the end, where you can play on mobile devices. So hopefully you'll get your wish soon :)

DaveZero34d ago

That gamepass ultimate is a steal with Xbox live and gamepass all in one for 10.99 a month..

AK9134d ago

Subscription based gaming ain't the future.

Livingthedream34d ago

It's not the only part of the future but it's part of the present, and will undoubtedly grow even more in the future. The younger generations will dictate where things end up, considering kids download just about any game they wish to play now, the possibility of a subscription based gaming service really taking off is very high. GP is finding early success.

Kingthrash36034d ago

That's not are thinking like a company executive and not a customer. many hardcore gamers do you think there are?

Livingthedream34d ago

Not thinking like a company executive as this does not benefit me, I'm speaking as a consumer who has kids,nieces,nephews etc, and can see their habits. Growing up I never thought we would have movie and music streaming services to the degree we do now but here we are. Games are another form of media and will eventually follow suit. It has nothing to do with my preference or yours for that matter it's the younger generation and they're growing up in a digital world with easy access to downloadable and streamable content. Albeit I don't think this will take full effect for a decade or two but it's part of evolution. Technology gets better and the convenience of loading up a game instantly will be hard to pass up for many gamers.

shaggy230334d ago


Google, EA, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Microsoft, Sony.

What links all these companies?

They all currently do or are investing in subscription based games and streaming service.

jjb198134d ago

36 months ultimate upgrade for $1 was definitely a deal.

UnHoly_One33d ago

That's absolutely crazy. I still can't hardly believe they did that.

SoonDeadByOldAge33d ago

UnHoly: Crazy good deal but I can really see why they did that. What will people do when nextgen arrives in oh 18 months and they have a valid subscription that will play a lot of nextgen games as well as getting a couple for free each month? Hell, I only got 26 month with my upgrade but I can sure see myself with a Scarlett with a lot of available nextgen games from day one.