How Call of Duty: Modern Warfare takes the series to a new, darker place

Getting knee-deep with 2019's battle-hardened reboot of the bestselling shooter series.

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SixFragz34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

This game has been all talk, no show.

With COD, you have to see it to believe it... and this is extremely hard to believe.

Where is the actual gameplay, features and such? Oh wait, that's right, just look at COD 4.

Vegamyster34d ago

How is it hard to believe? The originally trilogy wasn't afraid of these topics and given the reaction to their last game IW, i wouldn't be surprised at all, never mind we've heard journalists talk about the game through behind the scenes gameplay basically confirming this direction.

MetroidFREAK2134d ago

Still waiting on gameplay... After the disaster of BO4, my love for the franchise is at an all time low. I like the premise of the game, but I wanna see more than just a trailer and 2 screenshots

OneEyedSteve34d ago

A 6-8hr campaign... Same old same old... No thanks. I will never understand why they do same stuff every single year... Why don't they just make a massive open world co-op mission game. They are nuts for not doing it imo.

Vegamyster34d ago

So like Ghost Recon Wildlands? No thanks lol.

Hungryalpaca34d ago

Because that’s not cal of duty? Should a NASCAR game become forza?

Dan5034d ago

It has already been censored

81BX34d ago

Just saw a vid quotes str8 from the devs that it will not be censored. Take it however you want lol

SixFragz34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Nothing was ever censored.

All of that talk is part of their marketing and PR.

They're trying hard to make people believe that the game is bold and edgy.

81BX34d ago

Lol. I'm not getting this game. The net code is still crap. They don't care about console gamers. 20 yrs later still crappy connections. They tried to hid the ping bar in BO4. You have to go into settings to see it and its listed for advanced gamers... wtf is that about. A bunch of hack jobs

Hungryalpaca34d ago

all these journos crying about it make me want to buy it.

Unless they’re all acting...