The 26 Best RPGs

Behold as GamePro counts down the 26 greatest role-playing games ever created. From Chrono Trigger to Fallout 3, these are the RPG games everyone should play!

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Raoh4055d ago

the list should be 25

World of Warcraft is an MMOrpg if your going to include it then you have to consider Final Fantasy XI and maybe Everquest

also.. no Shadow of the Collosus?

calis4055d ago

Shadow of the Colossus isn't an RPG.

Adversary4055d ago

It's just as much an RPG as any Zelda game... Which is to say not at all.

Shane Kim4054d ago

Yeah, I was wondering why they had 2 Zelda games and no Shadow of the Colossus.

hay4054d ago

Omg, there's WoW but no Everquest, EVE or UO? Those three deserve more to be on the list if we count MMOs. FF7 on the first place? It should be high, it's among the most popular and influential RPGs but isn't the best.
How come there's Fallout 3 instead of previous Fallouts? Warhammer Online? It's good, but more games deserve to be there.

Thought about FF7. Why do I have a feeling that FF7's popularity increased dramatically after Advent Children release? I'm FF7 fan right from the beginning, from first previews and announcments, it was awesome, true, but wasn't THAT popular before AC. It was one of the best but I don't remember back then those outraged kiddies who're eager to crucify everyone that says FF7 sucks. If I'm wrong, correct me.

reaferfore204054d ago

Yeah I thought Fallout 2 was better than 3... not to say that 3 isn't the sh1t but I loved the second far more.

PopEmUp4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

on there, where other great title deserve to be in there instead

Homicide4054d ago

WTF is Zelda doing there?

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Harry1904055d ago

who think FF7 is overrated are ex-Nintendo fanboys and frustrated zealots. You could put gold in front of their eyes and they would still tell you it's dirt.

It's time to face it: FF7 is and will always be the most important rpg of all time.

I am also happy to see Xenogears on that list. It should have been at least at number 2 and Vagrant Story should have been there too. I cannot understand why and how they prefered Grandia 1 to Grandia 3 and why Shadow Hearts is absent from that list.

I am a JRPG veteran and I will gladly argue with anyone who thinks FF7 is overrated. But you should at least come with a decent knowledge and experience before extolling the virtues of Kefka.

jjl4055d ago

Agreed 100%. Its a shame the entire Xenogears saga will never be completed...

Why did I have to go through a dumb ad on gamepro for every page i clicked?

tippygip4055d ago

FF7 is important, it's quality does not even touch the importance it had though.

Through brilliant marketing Sony and Square brought rpgs to the mainstream using a game that had incredible cutscenes to market it. Most people didn't even know what they were buying when they went to stores trying to find the game. The game sold like crazy and none of the credit actually goes to the game, it's goes to some great commercials that worked like magic. If I was to make a list of the best FF games FF7 would not be in the top 5.

Final_Rpg4054d ago

What exactly was the underwhelming part of FF7 for you? I fail to see why people think it is overrated. They just state that it is and leave it at that. I'm interested to know as to why? The story line was so deep and the battle system was excellent, there were so many things to do and collect. Did you ever raise the chocobo's? That is one pain in the backside. The feeling of earning omnislash by defeating an extremely hard series of enemies is so damn rewarding. The feeling of being able to use the ultimate move in the game where it's Cloud Vs Sephiroth one on one was probably one of the most bad arse things ever. I spent so much time on that game, not a single part of it felt out of place.

So why do people feel it's overrated? What was it missing? What didn't it achieve in your eyes? Was the story not to your taste? I don't think you can criticize the story. For the fact that it was so damn good. Still possible to have dislike for it, but you can't deny the epic and grand scale of it all.

I'm sick of people saying it's an overrated game just because it's milked more than most franchises out there. Most people are just sick of hearing about the franchise so constantly that they automatically situate it as overrated without even looking at the content. Blinded by their frustration and annoyance from the repetition of this title hitting the market in different forms. Whether it be movie, books or spin offs. The original title is still one of the best games around. I'm not calling it the best, that's just arrogant. But to say this title is overrated because many people choose to rate this game as their favorite is even more arrogant.

Take what you want from this comment but read this. FF7 is everything that it's made out to be. Disagree or Agree, but this title is quality through and through.

shawnsl654054d ago

Midgar, Materia, starting with the train.. oh sweet sweet memories. I didn't like FF 1, but i've played the rest all the way to FF12 (including all jap versions). I couldn't agree more that Final Fantasy 7 was the gap between old school rpg and open road for the future of all jRPG. The story was awesome~~.. and the chars, who can forget Sephiroth Vincent and Cloud (i didn't mention CID since he's in almost all the FF series). The materia system and jenova/lifestream set up and story line is just wow.

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Adversary4055d ago

Seriously, half of these games barely qualify as having RPG elements at all, much less being full-fledged RPGs. Where's Baldur's Gate? Where's the rest of the Fallout series? Vampire: Bloodlines? And WoW=#1? Are you f***ing kidding me? How does a game where people talk about damage mitigation and "LF resto shammy ZA PUG!" in an RP server qualify as an RPG? And don't give me any of that s*** about how "the game is about role playing even if the players aren't". I hate to break it to you guys, but a "role" is not defined by what weapon you're carrying and taking a package from point A to point B doesn't count as "role playing" unless you're a f***ing UPS guy.

Boo this list! BOOOOOOO!

Cheeseknight284054d ago

MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online >RPG<.

If Legend of Zelda can somehow qualify as an RPG, then WoW definitely does. When I think of an RPG, I think of epic storylines, leveling up, upgradable gear / weapons / spells, and alternate ways to play every time. WoW has all of the above.

Adversary4053d ago

All of the things you just described are major elements in Call of Duty 4. Does that mean CoD is an RPG now? And how does WoW in any way shape or form have multiple ways to play through? Just because WoW is called an MMORPG, that automatically makes it one? No, I think not. Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken. The highest form of role playing in wow is convincing another player that you're a girl in real life. Thanks, but no thanks.

Role playing games are about the divergent aspects of personal actions and ethics (or freedom to paraphrase). They're about a safe environment to be a new person and to choose a life you could have had, or that was never available.

Many games have role playing aspects like social interaction (Second Life), personal growth (WoW), epic stories (Final Fantasy), or action consequence and accountability (GTA4), but rare is the beast that is all of those things AND let's you choose who you are (Fallout, Torment, Bloodlines, Fable, Arcanum, Baldur's Gate, NWN, Elder Scrolls, and that's all I could think of [BioWare gets an honorable mention]).

Also, I find it laughable that Zelda makes the list. So you can't lower MY standard by theirs.

The point is, this list is craptaclar.

truehunter4055d ago

Those list are horrible. I have to say FFX beat FFXII.
Zelda is action puzzle game i dont see it as RPG layout.

SaiyanFury4054d ago

FFX beat FFXII? How? In what way? I admit the story was good in FFX, but it was poorly realized. The Sphere grid was a lousy way to level. The game was virtually completely linear and the Blitzball game was also poorly realized. The controls worked, but the voice acting wasn't exactly up to snuff. FFX wasn't bad, but it wasn't groundbreaking or anything. FFXII had an epic story, characters you could identify with. Open ended gameplay, an AI system you could muck with to your heart's content, and characters you could like. As such the accompanying voice acting you could like. The music was far better as well. I just don't see what FFX had that was better than FFXII which was practically a masterpiece of RPG engineering.

I found FFXII much more appealing as a JRPGamer, and will defend it as such. I didn't think FFX was really all the great.

Adversary4054d ago

Sure, FFXII may have had better gameplay, and a better story, but FFX had a chick wearing a dress made of belts! Belts dude! And you've got to admit, chick wearing belt dress > furry chick in bikini.

Homicide4054d ago

The thing that sucks in FFXII, other than the story, characters, etc, is that everyone can learn and use the same spell and weapon. There is nothing unique about them. Final Fantasy X, VI and IX are arguable better than FFVII and FFXII.

SaiyanFury4054d ago

Yes but the game also gives you the freedom to develop your characters differently. You can develop one into a complete mage. Another into an archer. Another into a great sword using tank. That was the original intention of the creator of the system. Sure you can make everyone the same, but the freedom of the system is what it's all about. Oh well, everyone's entitled to their own. I just didn't see the appeal of FFX, beyond the core mechanics. Sure the game had a lot of women, but that alone doesn't make a good game.

tnthien12344053d ago either play FFXII before playing FFX or you haven't play FFX at all. FFX came out in 2001 and FFXII came out in 2006. Within the span of 5 years technologies can improve the standard for graphic and gameplay mechanic. So you can't expect FFX to match FFXII on those categories. But the story is the definition of EPIC. How can you say FFXII was epic? It's just an open and ended story. It was short with little emotions or twists. For the protagonist, I didn't like Vaan like how I like Tidus. Even though I like Basch and Balthier, the character cast for FFXII isn't as lovable as FFX. In my opinion the cut scenes for FFX was better than of FFXII. I can truly compare the games because I kept an open mind for that I love both of the them. I bought them the day they came out and finish them completely. That is finding all of the legendary weapons and killing all of the bosses. Unlocked all of the secrets. I love FFXII on every aspect but the story led me down a little.

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Mahr4055d ago

Evidently, Gamepro made some kind of a Faustian deal in order to achieve popularity on the internet. Except instead of its soul, Mephistopheles just turns every single article that appears on the site into total garbage.

thereapersson4054d ago

Bubbles for that hilarious comment

hay4054d ago

You may have discovered their secret friend...

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