Borderlands 3 is Still the King of the Looter Shooters - DualShockers

Borderlands 3 will never need to be more than what the first game was. Gearbox hasn’t reinvented the looter shooter formula that they pioneered in 2009 with the third entry in the series, but with more worlds, new heroes, and of course, more guns, Borderlands 3 seems like it’s shaping up to be the best in the trilogy.

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harmny29d ago

How is an unreleased game still king of anything?

Fanof3029d ago

Because there are two game released in the series and it's the same game lmfao. Maybe if you read the article and not the title. The title clearly implies Borderlands 3 is king it looter shooters because it has stayed true to it's own formula and just made it better. Very simple.

harmny29d ago

maybe they need to write better titles if they want people to read the article. nobody knows how borderlands 3 will turn out. dragonage origins was amazing and dragonage 2 was crap.