Square Enix E3 2019 press conference - Probably Square Enix’s strongest E3 in a long time

"I have to tip my hat at Square Enix this year, because they owned E3 2019 on so many fronts, and they left me hungry for more as soon as their E3 presentation was over." - Justin Easler, TGG.

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CrimsonWing6935d ago

Yea it was but according to hacks at IGN it was at the bottom... they actually said EA and Ubisoft were better...

Game urinalists, errr, journalists at their finest.

TGG_overlord35d ago

They sure did, but people don't buy into what they said anyways (the Youtube comments speaks for itself). I know right?...

BrianOBlivion34d ago

It was heaven for jrpg lovers. It was a mind numbing overdose of Final Fantasy for me, and that Avengers reveal was pretty f*cking meh as well. Not everyone is into the same sameness as you. None of my favourite Squenix ips were even mentioned so yeah, the show was pretty f*cking meh for me too.

TGG_overlord34d ago

Word on that. I still kind of wonder if "Chrono Trigger 2" will ever happen though (I sure hope so!).