GameTrailers: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Review

Join Naruto for battles across massive landscapes as the gap between TV animation and video game animation narrows with an original graphics engine built for the game

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fufotrufo4048d ago

banjo gets an 8 and everyone jumps and says FLOP!...Naruto gets a 7.5 and there's nothing to be said


poopsack4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

nothing to be said? your already crying why say anything else? people began to scream Flop at the 6.5, not the 8."N4G!" If you dislike the site and its community so much theres other sites that filter out the good Ps3 news or reviews, and have plenty of fanboys that still believe its 2006. But I guess you need people to correct you repeatedly

Edit: your basically begging everyone by your comment above to start considering that Naruto's a flop. I call that crying. By YOUR avatar, I think you should start screaming and throwing your poop at everyone.

4048d ago
Jackthepwnsaur4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

Banjo had more expectations than Naruto, Banjo has been around longer than Naruto. Not saying the new Banjo game is a flop, but its a disappointment, it left its platforming ways to attempt to compete with LBP in some form. and people wanted old school N64 Banjo platforming back.

Naruto on the other hand, I expected the game to get such scores, although it deserves more of an 8, becuase of how beuatiful the game looks and its gameplay is pretty good to get casuals to play. So far thats what the game has been getting so far by other sites except for gametrailers, 8 and above. Now its 360 counterpart on the other hand.....

poopsack4048d ago

Yes, I believe some fanboys get confused between what a flop and a dissapointment is.

TheHater4048d ago

And what exactly does Banjo have to do with Naruto for the ps3?

ultimolu4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

...Rare hasn't been in action for years I believe? So of course people were expecting the new Banjoo to do better than that.

Stop comparing Naruto to Banjoo please.

And if you didn't care, you wouldn't have comment here!

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tocrazed4you4048d ago

Banjo was hyped Naruto NInja storm not hyped.

cmrbe4048d ago

i didn't know this game exist. What is more surprising is its a PS3 exclusive from Namco?.

WTH is this game?.

Jackthepwnsaur4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

if you ever watched the Anime you would know. For PS3 owners, its a big deal because the cell shading in the game is one of the best in the industry so far, it looks almost just like the anime.

So to see this game based on an amine series getting a few 7's, a bunch of 8s and a few 9's is great, since its based on the Anime Series. this is the cell Shading that DBZ: Burst Limit should of had.

ArtisianDragon4048d ago

Mm even I have some gripes with the game (Such as the Ultra Mission mode) or however it's spelled. It's quite annoying having to rack up points and such just to progress through the storyline but in that same sense it's actually quite fun and some missions are quite challenging just as well. Overall I've played it since I've gotten home which has been...4 hours ago, and have been having fun with it that's all that matters to me :).

the_bebop4048d ago

So they give Rise of a Ninja, a 8.5 and storm 7.5 I just don't get it.

Majin Uchiha4048d ago

Yo dont get it cause your a fanboy, anyone who's played rise of a ninja knows its the best anime game ever made, and the broken bond is ten times better just download the demo off xbox live, UNS is all graphics and no substance, Rise of a ninja is still the best naruto game on the market hate it or love it

the_bebop4048d ago

I own a Wii, Xbox 360 and a PS3 and I have played Rise of a Ninja, which it is not that great In fact I bought a 360 to play Rise of a Ninja plus any other Exlusive game I thought they might have so don't go calling me a fanboy when any one can clerly see who here is the fanboy. And buy the way the open Zone is the other way.

kwasirubonkerz4047d ago

Majin Uchiha you obviously hav nt played Ultimate Ninja Storm. I hav played broken bonds, terrible graphics and plays exactly lyk Rise of a Ninja. Every1 whoz played both noes dt dis game is the best Naruto anime game eva.

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