Call of Duty Mobile is a Greasy Moneymaker But Enjoyable AF | COGconnected

COGconnected: We go hands-on with Call of Duty: Mobile at E3 2019 and walked away pretty impressed. We don't have any information regarding the micros yet but we are certain Activision will rake.

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jjb1981827d ago

"...enjoyable AF"? Really? Like Randy Jackson said " That's a no from me dawg."

Profchaos827d ago

I typically hate mobile games but I've been spending a but of time playing this my opinion on it is that it's genuinely free to play I have not experienced the typical mobile trope of limited play time unless you pay.

My free arsenal of weapons doesn't feel disadvantaged compared to cod point weapons (you do get 5000 free points in the beta)

For mobile controls it's actually some of the best I've experienced

And the map selection it's like a greatest hits collection I've played stuff from mw and black ops 2

So far the negative is

You can't hold a sidearm it's only a knife when your out of amo

Players that use Bluetooth ganepads have a huge advantage

It's all in bets though and the final version can change overnight