Here’s your first look at Tales of Arise’s “updated combat”

PCGames: “We’re getting some major Devil May Cry vibes from the E3 2019 trailer, though Bandai Namco says the gameplay will remain faithful.”

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Spurg122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

A much need change in style and combat.
I remember playing Tales of Berstria and then Persona 5 came out, once I finished Persona 5 getting back into Tales of Berstria really hard. I could dig the dated artstyle and combat, still havent finsihed that game.

jznrpg122d ago

Tales of Berseria was a good game. P5 was turn based so it’s a lot different than Berseria to begin with so I don’t get the comparison really. I am happy for an update but I still really enjoyed Berseria .

Outlawzz122d ago

Lol yea they are completely different in terms of battle so there is no comparison at all. Tales is more Action rpg versus turn based persona. I love the tales of games but admittedly I was never too fond of the battle system, it's too stiff. But I haven't played berseria so maybe the combat flows better. I'm referring to xillia, abyss, vesperia etc. Happy to see them changing it up.

jznrpg122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

@Outlawzz Tales combat hasn’t been great for awhile now but I still enjoy them. Why they ditched The amazing combo system of old is mind boggling. Vesperia had great combat to me . You could pull off crazy combos

bluefox755122d ago

I loved Berseria. I only played it recently because I initally ignored it due to the mediocre reviews when it came out, but it's probably my favorite game this year so far. I don't know if I'd say it's as good as Persona 5, but that's a really high bar for any game.

PhoenixUp122d ago

The slower pace of Persona 5 made it harder for me to get invested in than Tales of Berseria

Teflon02122d ago

entirely different styles of RPG's to the point. It's not relevant to use in such a scenario

FinalFantasyFanatic121d ago

From what little I've seen of the new combat, it doesn't look that appealing to me, although I really enjoyed the series's traditional combat systems (Beseria, Symphonia, Vesperia, ect...).

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TheGamez100122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

I miss the basic three regular hits and then you perform artes right after for combos using up tp. And then you can get skills to improve combos even more. You had to really think and memorize all the artes you assigned. In vesperia you could pull off some amazing combos and there was the fatal strikes that made it even more fun. Graces, zestiria, and berseria were just mindless button mashers....the horrid artes tree...

Outlawzz122d ago

Fatal strikes are cool I'm playing through vesperia now on switch. Learning the placement of the artes and altered artes opens up a lot of different actions.

PhoenixUp122d ago

It was interesting how Tales of Zestiria had battles that took place directly on the map rather than whooshing to another battle screen as is tradition. Tales of Arise seems to take that concept and expand upon it

Outlawzz122d ago

Yea I prefer that approach. There's more immersion when your not constantly interrupted with a loading screen or taken to a different setting for a battle.

Knightofelemia122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Can't wait to play this I have always loved the Tales series my faves have to be Tales of Xillia, Tales of Graces F, Berseria, and Vesperia. Tales has filled the void since Sony is not doing Wild Arms I was pissed when Tales of Crestoria was announced for cellphone.

Outlawzz122d ago

I'm pissed anytime anything with potential is announced for mobile honestly. Tales of series and arc the lad are my most recent annoyances lol

GGEZ122d ago

everything about this new Tales of game is looking great except for the protagonist. He looks so so so... Meh.

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