Microsoft's Xbox Project Scarlett console is awesome, and it doesn't matter

Microsoft has set a release date for Project Scarlett, its next-generation game console. It promises incredible performance, stunning 8K visuals, and lightning-quick load times -- but none of that matters. The console's relevance is waning.

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Oathbreaker35d ago

Scarlett is another platform to experience the Xbox service. The games are no longer locked to one hardware.

Scarlett is very much relevant to the gamers who want to continue playing on a console. There are millions of them.

Jin_Sakai35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

“Games win console wars. Hardware just plays them.”

Agreed. Exactly why Xbox One X didn’t put a dent in PS4 sales regardless on being more powerful. PS5 will likely dominate all over again.

shaun mcwayne35d ago

They made the X for the hardcore crowd to say we are thinking of to too. You must still be to casual to understand, dont you have level in candy crush to tea bag.

Oywee35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Hm, could be, but, the Project Scarlet are promised to be fully backward compatible, while the PS5 will only, as far as I know, will only go backward compatible to the PS4 titles. Already from this, I understand the Scarlet will by the next gen have most games.

BizarroUltraman35d ago

They even had a paragraph about you:

What about the fanboys and fangirls? They too have no reason to worry. PlayStation will continue. Xbox will continue. You can still wave your flag and wear your shirt. It will just represent a service, an ecosystem of games, a platform for gamers – and not just a box.

Dragonscale35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

@shawn, The 'hardcore crowd' is most likely gonna go with PS5 unless you mean hardcore xbox crowd which goes without saying lol.

bluefox75534d ago (Edited 34d ago )

It's all but guaranteed that they'll dominate again. Hell, MS couldn't even beat PS3 with a headstart, and a botched launch on Sony's part. They literally stand no chance against Sony at their height with this much momentum going forward.
@shaun This comment has to be satire, lol.

indysurfn34d ago

QOUTE from article: "Why is Microsoft buying game studios and focusing on game discovery? Because Sony used games to beat the snot out of Microsoft in the last generation".

Zeref34d ago

Of course it didn't. By the time the X released it was already too late. But i'm pretty sure Xbox One X sales matched or maybe even surpassed PS4 Pro sales.

bigc07200434d ago

Wtf do you "gamers" care so much about sales? Wtf cares? Xbox X is factually superior to ps4/ps4 pro. The ONLY thing ps4 has over literally one or 2 exclusives. The ps has a lot of exclusives, but a huge portion of them come down to one's personal preference. Ps4 was essentially a ps3 with a graphics overhaul. Same interface, possibly a little worse, and the same baby finger controller. If ps5 has the same exact setup, I wouldn't care if it was a photo realistic VR console. Progression is key. Quality over quantity. 360 smashed the ps3, and xbox x(not the regular xbox one) smashed the 4.

RangerWalk26734d ago

Honestly, you're right and wrong. I would rather play my games the best way possible. On a console that means that I've been playing the games on Xbox X with my 75" Qled 4k HDR tv, Dolby Atmos, and my couch. And no, I don't play on PC. Wow I could afford plenty of other a $5k gaming rig, I like the convenience of consoles. I also have a Pro, but that is strictly used for the exclusives that I rent for it.

ABizzel134d ago

As much as many of you are trolling, the reality is that MS has an uphill battle for consoles.

PS5 is BC with PS4, which makes it a much simpler transition from PS4 to PS5, which means 100 millions PS4 users can bring their library over to PS5 without having to start over, and that's a huge selling point at launch, beyond PS5 exclusives which is another issue.

I'm interested in seeing when these two platforms launch, and how much they cost. Will they be the same power and borderline same APU, or will one be more powerful. Will PS5 launch in March / April, or will both launch holiday 2020. If they launch at different times will one use Navi, and the other use Navi+.

I'm super excited to see where this all goes.

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Genkins35d ago

we haven't seen the console yet. all we know is that there will be options to play xbox games through the service on any mobile device. if your accommodations are not suitable for online streaming then the console will have high value to those gamers. as it stands off-line hardware gaming is still worth it's price.

Nosferatu_dude35d ago

it might be close to something like ps4 share screen, but better working, who knows, but if it is, i hope it works better than it does on ps4, cause even with 200mb of internet speed, it still lags inside my home, anyway you are totally right, as of now, having a console its the only reliable platform, so with a streaming service of any sort or without, its still a win win to have a good console to play on:)

BLizardXD35d ago

local hardware still offers more freedom. including offline play. so yes the next xbox will still be relevant.

leejohnson22235d ago

After people spending so much money on the X with all those broken promises I think it's a bit rich to expect all fans to suddenly trust MS. They are service driven, they even said it doesn't matter how many consoles they sell. Funny as they thought it did during 360 gen

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strayanalog35d ago

The familiarity of this article is just as familiar as console cycles.

shaun mcwayne35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

If your the kind of person who doesn't bother with exclusive games, mainly play muti plats. Get the console that plays them best. That should be Microsofts new slogan.

leejohnson22235d ago

Wait till E3 should be their slogan, the head at MS actually said that right after E3. You couldn't make it up any funnier

aconnellan35d ago

You’re glossing over the fact that people specifically asked why Playground Games wasn’t there, and he said that what they’re working on won’t be ready until next E3.

It’s not like E3 finished and he said “if you didn’t like it, wait till next year it’s going to be great!”, which is what your comment seems to imply

rainslacker35d ago

Chances are, even if people limit the games they play, there will be exclusive games in there that they want to play as well. Except maybe the people who just play sports games like FIFA or Madden. But, nowadays, people will probably buy the system that their friends play on, unless they have no friends, in which case, they'll buy whatever they feel is best for them. I'd probably tell someone who only plays one or two games not to even bother with a next gen console until they came down in price. I don't think any console is worth buying for one or two games.

Godmars29035d ago

That's been MS's slogan since this gen. Since the XBX anyway.

RacerX34d ago

Sad, but true. As an Xbox fan boy myself, this whole X1 experience has been "what's about to happen".

xX-oldboy-Xx35d ago

Come 2025, Scarlett outsells xbox one and all its incarnations, PS5 is tracking better than PS4. Come 2026 we get the same articles again.

rainslacker35d ago

Consoles are always dying. Its a really really.......really long and protracted slow death, coupled with lots of second winds, and ends up being the old geezer that just won't kick the bucket.

Funny thing though, I wonder if all these sites are looking forward to being about as relevant as mobile gaming websites are now....where no one really knows about them, and they just get their money off click through ad revenue from search engines. Almost none are actually on the level of the bigger gaming sites with a good number of loyal readers.

xX-oldboy-Xx35d ago

How ridiculous is it? We see the same stuff at the end/beginning of each gen. It seems a future they all want, once it's here I think the story will be a little different. It'll bite them (anyone) on the arse if they back this 'future' of gaming.

RosweeSon35d ago

This kinda blind faith is why they put out any old rubbish

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