Google Stadia & Ubisoft Show What A Mess This Game Streaming Era Will Be

The game streaming era is here and it is confusing. Google Play and Uplay+ demonstrate why.

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Prince-Ali31d ago

100% It's called the streaming service fallacy! NONE of these subscription services are competing with eachother! They're ALL gonna be necessary to own for us gamers to experience it all.. it's stupid

nucky6431d ago

agreed. and i will NOT pay for a service to play one game. hell, i won't pay to stream games, period.

CaptainObvious87831d ago

*insert "digital is the future. bend over and accept it!" comment from idiot gamer that can't think 2 seconds in the future and realise what an all digital monopoly means.

kneon30d ago

We are seeing this problem now in TV streaming. Netflix was successful because you could get nearly everything you wanted in one place. now some of the content producers are getting greedy and want their own streaming service. Soon you'll need half a dozen subscriptions just to watch what you want, that's not going to fly with most people. We will see the proliferation of streaming services followed by the inevitable failure of some of them and then consolidation. Game services will follow a similar path.

BlackDoomAx30d ago

Or we can download them illegally like before.

kneon30d ago

That's exactly what will happen. but in an all streaming gaming world that wouldn't be so easy since there won't be a game to download. We are still a long way off from that though, going exclusively with game streaming would cut off too many potential customers.

PhoenixUp31d ago

God help you when your favorite game leaves a subscription service

Thundercat7731d ago

I am not sold on streaming. Local hardware experience for me is superior.

AK9131d ago

It won’t happen the technology isn’t there and greedy publishers will make it a nightmare to use with its subscription services.

Shikoku31d ago

Well let's see we have; game pass, stadia, PsNow, Uplay+, Square enix streaming service and probably 3-4 more to come.

derektweed129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

You forgot Origin Access Premium

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