There Are Worries The Last of Us: Part II May Not Have Multiplayer

Naughty Dog may be best known for its rip-roaring single player campaigns, but the studio’s been pumping out entertaining online multiplayer romps for a good decade or so now. The Last of Us is easily its best work, with its SOCOM-inspired white knuckle bouts being a breath of fresh air in an era of killstreaks and whatnot.

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Lore34d ago

Lol, multiplayer is 100% confirmed.

Obelisk9234d ago

I wouldn't care even if it was.

AspiringProGenji34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I would. The MP was the main reason I bought the remaster on PS4 and that 60 fps did wonders to it. I put insane hours into it. I would be pretty disappointed if they scrapped it

Parasidious34d ago

I wouldn't either, but the MP on the first game was great.

BlackTar18734d ago

The multiplayer is the hidden gem of multiplayer last gen. I really hope it's basically the same stuff with awesome bigger maps with good gun balance.

I love the SP but I'll be real disappointed if it's not MP ready day one.

rand034d ago

Same, would prefer they make another awesome chapter or maybe add another gameplay mechanic instead of focusing on MP.

Unspoken33d ago

Multiplayer anything has never been Sony's strength. Wouldn't be surprised with all the screams for single player games.

bootywarrior33d ago

multiplayer is the best part of the game, first thing i'll dive in to when the game comes out.

nowitzki200433d ago

The MP is the one place I dont think they can make better than the first.

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RosweeSon34d ago

For sure there’s people still playing the original now they won’t drop that.

Silly gameAr34d ago

I hope so. I really like TLOU's MP. I have quite a few hours in the PS3 and PS4 versions. It was underrated MP, imo.

Kornholic34d ago

The Last of Us multiplayer was/is representative of the era where every game had to have a multiplayer. It was ok but The Last of Us didn't need a multiplayer and neither does part 2.

Rambokind33d ago

NOGAFF. Only idiots who can't play games by themselves.

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Urrakia3434d ago

Even if it didn't have multiplayer, it's still basically a day-one purchase. The first game was widely acclaimed for it's story/gameplay not MP.

BQ3234d ago

Never even finished the story but played multiplayer most days for the better part of 3 years. So your opinion is not inclusive to everyone.

ClayRules201234d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Why didn’t you finish the story?

harmny34d ago

Lol get out of here. Naughty dog doesn't want your 60 dollars

Larrysweet34d ago

Well u shouldn't even be privileged with playing it...was not made for multiplayer was tacked on deal

BlackTar18734d ago (Edited 34d ago )

A tacked on mp that was 10/10 amazing.

Tlou is in my top 10 sp games but the MP was the magic maker for me.

"Lol get out of here. Naughty dog doesn't want your 60 dollars" yes they do and relax

CorndogBurglar34d ago

Oh really? That's what makes it an opinion lol. If it was inclusive to everyone it would be a fact.

Did you really get from his comment that he was saying 100% of everyone played it for its story and gameplay? Because he didn't say anything like that at all. He said its widely acclaimed for its story and multiplayer. Which is true. But that doesn't mean that everyone that ever played it prefers that over the MP...

ssmilloy3633d ago

but you didn't buy it for mp. you Lyon

snoopgg33d ago

Nobody's opinion is exclusive to everyone Captain obvious! Isn't that just common knowledge?

jznrpg33d ago

Nothing wrong with that you bought the game . I’d recommend finishing the story though.

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wwinterj33d ago

Agreed. It's a single player game first and foremost for me so eh.

Enturax33d ago

The 1st game didn't have such an obvious pandering to feminazis and SJWs, though.

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BQ3234d ago

Best multiplayer of a generation, there could literally be no other gaming news that would upset me more if this was to be true. I don't believe it though.

toddybad34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The MP was fun but it was also pay to win.

BQ3234d ago

Then why do I constantly dominate leaderboards using the original weapons, mostly the hunting rifle, revolver, and the shorty. It is not pay to win because the weapons are incredibly balanced which is what makes the game special. If you thing the new weapons are OP, then you are not good enough at the game to truly understand the meta.

BlackTar18734d ago

It was not pay to win but they did put in to much stuff to buy that messed up the balance a bit, this didn't happen for awhile though.

Argosax34d ago

TLOU's microtransactions are plain trash, it makes EA look like the best company in the world. I'll be disappointed if the new game follows that model.

Omnisonne34d ago

Wouldnt say that, but it did allow you to buy superior weapons, which could be seen as pay 2 win.

harmny34d ago

Could be seen? That's what pay to win is. If EA did this you would be trashing them

Argosax34d ago

Could be seen? Skills AND weapons, game-changing stuff could only be earned via paying real money.

Silly gameAr34d ago


The thing is, What EA do with their MP and MT's, they do it constantly with multiple games TLOU is one game, and clearly, ND learned their lesson about MT's based on the Uncharted 4 MP.
So, one learned from the backlash in one game, the other is learning, but that's only because they have got backlash with multiple games, and it was only getting worse for them.

BlackTar18734d ago

I disagree it's pay to win, never had trouble winning in wars etc the entire time. It did un belance the game a bit but if you're good you'll win the guns and stuff they added wouldn't make bad people good.

34d ago
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DaDrunkenJester34d ago

Yeah the p2w shit was bull, they also had that in UC3. Im pretty sure UC4 didn't have any p2w MT's so hopefully they learned.

That being said, I still loved TLoU MP

milohighclub33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

The pay to win was in uc3 was the cosmetics with stats, ig I am correct.
They spend months making the cosmetics after fans kicking off constantly in forums for the "lackluster" customisation at launch. They added them as mictotransactions to recoup some of the money.
The last of us was blatant but I still dominate and never purchased any weapons.
U4 had those damn loot boxes that will take all your life to unlock!! Again this was due to people complaining about the coustomisation so naughty dog dumped about a thousand alt colours in the same loot box as the cosmetics (pretty sure it was done purposely to be dicks after the way the community was being with them over on their forums).
Dont expect this to be MT or lootbox free, nearly every mp game they've made has had them. I'm not saying its 100% guaranteed theres gonna be, just highly likely.

AspiringProGenji34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

As bad as EA? Lol no! Still bad but no

-Foxtrot34d ago

Hopefully it does but with the main mode or optional mode that dosen't have a buy shop in game

It felt stupid in that Universe, a world where people are scavenging for low supplies to just magically buy armour, guns and the like out of thin air

It needs to be hardcore like what Uncharted 2 was like. Hopefully the response to the gimmicks in Uncharted 3 and 4 will make them do a hardcore mode with only powerful guns being allowed to be found on the map

milohighclub33d ago

In a universe where people have to scavenge it wouldn't make sense that people would just leave all their high powered weapons lying around...

-Foxtrot33d ago

But it makes sense starting with them at the start of the map?


No it should be finding and repairing them with scrap collected