Xbox's Phil Spencer on Game Pass, Steam and the Epic Games Store

On Monday, the day after the Xbox E3 briefing where Game Pass for PC was revealed in full, I had the chance to sit down with Microsoft's executive vice president of gaming Phil Spencer. We talked about the company's approach to selling PC games, its relationship with Steam, and many other things. It's a long read, but hopefully it'll give you a comprehensive overview of where Microsoft sees itself within PC gaming as it stands.

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lxeasy34d ago

I'm glad Gamepass is on PC. The fact that I have the option to continue playing certain games on my laptop when I'm on the go is awesome.

Unspoken33d ago

Very impressed with Game Pass for PC. So many options.

Grap34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

GamePass is the next big thing.
the quality of games in there is mind blowing and for cheap price

Thundercat7734d ago

The market doesn't seem to share your optimistic view.

TacoTaco34d ago

Well, the market is well enough that I can play several AAA games for dollars a month... Even recent ones

lxeasy33d ago

The market does share his optimistic view. just because you don't play on Xbox or PC doesn't mean you have to hate and speak on behalf of this made up market of yours.

TheRealTedCruz34d ago

Glad to see MS pushing hard into the PC space. Game pass is a great value, and definitely going in on it for PC, myself.

mcstorm34d ago

Yeah I moved from xbox to pc I was gutted no halo was on there but now mcc is on its way I'm happy big racing and halo fan and like the odd gears ect and all the games on game pass plus pc racing exclusives in an pick from I live the move

TheRealTedCruz34d ago

Yeah. Getting to finally play all the Halo releases on PC is going to be nice. The fact they are starting with Reach (my favorite of the series) is cool too.

And Horizon is easily my favorite racing series. A lot of good content to be had now.

mcstorm33d ago

Yeah there is and I feel pc is the best way to game has alot more options over consoles and I've also found it's not as expensive as it was back when I tried to pc game in 2000. Looking to build a pc early next year though as an upgrade to my latitude laptop I have at the moment and loving the price of the amd processors to.

slate9134d ago

Doing well on all fronts. Cant wait to see the fruits of these studios.

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