Troy Baker The Order 1886 Casting Almost Happened, But Sony Said No

A Troy Baker The Order 1886 casting nearly came to fruition, except Sony stepped in and said, "no." Apparently, the actor was already in too many games.

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TheRealTedCruz30d ago

You can't have all, Troy lol.
Calm man. Take a breather.

bouzebbal30d ago

Make the sequel PS5 launch title please Sony.. Killer graphics decent gameplay engaging story.. More bosses, exploration, puzzles and longer story is what the sequel needs..

krauley29d ago

and limit or get rid of quick time button pop ups. please.

-Foxtrot30d ago

"Apparently, the actor was already in too many games"

Well...I mean they aren't lying are they.

sixthelement30d ago

That's so true! He is in everything! He dodged a bullet with this one though

toxic-inferno30d ago

I don't think it would have harmed his career. If anything, it might have benefited the game (not that the game had poor voice-acting or anything).

I still enjoyed the game. The gameplay was fairly decent, the graphics were great, the setting was fairly original, and the story was engaging. Just too short.

Prince-Ali30d ago

How did he dodged a bullet.... Wasn't the negatives said about this game that it was basically a movie with generic gameplay..? The voice acting and performance has NEVER been an issue.. it's actually one of the best in it's field!

Silly Mammo30d ago

Yes! The voice actors from this game were shunned from the industry and haven't had any work since The Order 1886.../s

georeo30d ago

Game was good. Just short, and not worth the full price they wanted. I still like it. A sequel would be great.

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DarXyde30d ago

I wouldn't stop casting Samuel L. Jackson just because he's in a lot of movies.

Or Tara Strong because her voice is everywhere.

I'd be cool with another Troy Baker character, personally.

Kornholic30d ago

Oversaturation is not a positive thing.

GTgamer30d ago

You gotta let other voice actors eat 😂😂😂

jznrpg30d ago

If Samuel L Jackson had more range than playing himself I’d say sure . But he is in way too many movies playing himself

DarXyde29d ago


If he's good for a part, does it matter?

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porkChop30d ago

Yeah, he and Nolan North are in everything. Though Troy Baker seems to differentiate his performances a bit more.

gamingunited30d ago

Maybe he'll be in The Order 1887 which i'm sure we'll be hearing about soon... right Sony...

nucky6430d ago

if the story picks up where the last one left off, i hope so. if it's one of those "15 years later" games - i wouldn't be as hyped.

AK9130d ago

To be fair all the voice acting in the game was superb, perhaps they wanted all british actors/voice actors.

ClayRules201230d ago

It sure was. Great performances across the board. Love those characters & story. Here’s hoping for a sequel on PS5.

Inzo30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Then make sure that there is a sequel so that you are in it.

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The story is too old to be commented.