Don't expect Xbox 360 games to run on PC anytime soon, though Phil Spencer says 'never say never'

Despite the great backwards compatibility on the Xbox console, PC's a whole 'nother challenge.

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TheOptimist37d ago

Just give me Ninja Gaiden and I'll be happy ;-;

mikeslemonade36d ago

More like ninja theory please attempt to make a ninja game.

TheRealTedCruz36d ago

You realize it's just a name, right? They were 'Just Add Monsters' previously.
Naughty Dog hasn't made a game about a rambunctious pooch, as far as I am aware.

TheOptimist36d ago

Ninja Theory is an average game developer at best.

Also I find it really funny that in the process of spoiling one of the best action franchises in the world, they made the best action game that the west has ever produced.

TheRealTedCruz36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Ninja Theory releases average around 80 and higher.
That's consistent quality that doesn't scream "average" to me. Let alone "at best".

The only outliers are a couple pieces of dlc that still reviewed well, and an ios game, and an on-rails shooter; both which I never heard of.

Genkins36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

duplicate post

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Sophisticated_Chap36d ago

This would be a game changer if it ever happens.

rainslacker36d ago

And limited, because many of these games already have PC releases, and there's no reason to pay MS licensing fees to put them on PC.

rainslacker36d ago

Speculation based on reasonable conclusions drawn from easy obtainable data. Such as cross buy, or companies that already seem to be fussy about where their games release.

timotim36d ago

But you're forgetting one of the main reasons for Microsoft to do this...and that's to add it to their own ecosystem on the platform. Sure, many of the games would be duplicates on the PC platform...but many of them would be available for the first time on the platform. By Microsoft adding them to XGP, that would only boost the value of their service on PC. Then theirs the fact that even if they already exist on PC in another store, that means nothing to the Xbox gamer. We want to play our games anywhere using the same account that we are accustomed to. It means even more games that gamers get to play without switching ecosystems.

rainslacker36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Yeah, that's great for MS. But I'm talking about 3rd party publishers. Hence, LIMITED.

Do you even read my comments? I mean, it's the first two words of my original comment.

3rd party publishers don't care about adding to MS ecosystem. They care about the revenue they can make on their own. They don't care about you being able to play your games anywhere. They pay a licensing fee to MS for those games on Xbox, and there is no advantage for them to release these games, with licensing, on PC, when they have PC versions already. Moreso, we're getting kind of far along from the 360 days, and eventually, the number of things that can be licensed are going to diminish. 10 years is a general rule of thumb for most secondary licensing the publishers may have for in game assets.

timotim36d ago

Microsoft would be doing the work to get them on the platform, and all 3rd parties would need to do is sit back and collect money based off sales that would come from PC gamers buying these games. Again...many games in Microsoft's BC catalog isn't available on PC...big ones too...Panzer Dragoon Orta, Red Dead, Ninja Gaiden, Mercenaries, Too Human etc...this isn't counting games that could hit BC one day like Jet Grind Radio Future...youre telling me that Sega wouldn't want to do that after they just added games to XGP PC??? They don't want money??? Start making sense please.

rainslacker36d ago

OK. If you insist, I can't argue. Dunno what the future holds, but I said it was going to be limited, not that it wasn't going to happen at all. Until MS actually does something with it though, it doesn't matter.

timotim36d ago

What didn't matter was your initial comment...

rainslacker35d ago

You're right. I'm wrong. I'm sure all these 3rd party publishers are going to jump at the chance to use it. Just based on console BC emulation, where they all did it. That wasn't limited at all. PC will be different. MS will reign supreme.

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Genkins36d ago

Team ninja could just release a Ninja Gaiden Legacy collection for all platforms.

awdevoftw36d ago

But everyone says backwards compatibility is so easy, just like crossplay.

porkChop36d ago

BC on consoles is far easier than on PC with infinite hardware configurations. And cross-play itself is easy, what isn't easy is the legalities and sharing of monetization.

meep31636d ago

If you don’t know what you are talking about it’s best to just say nothing.

porkChop36d ago


Take your own advice.

DarXyde36d ago


I'm no software developer, but that seems... very wrong. I've never heard much about BC issues on PC, if at all, but it is literally impossible in the context of console hardware at times.

For something to be BC, in the purest sense of the term, the new hardware would need to support the legacy software in terms of format - that is, for the Nintendo Switch to be backwards compatible with, say, N64, it would need a slot to support N64 cartridges. To that end, it is not possible for Switch since it does not support cartridges or PS4 because it is incapable of reading discs beyond PS4.

The definition of BC however has become quite flexible to now include software emulation, provided that you are not asked to repurchase your content. In that sense, only Xbox One accomplishes this, but even that pushes the boundary of backwards compatibility because you need the internet to download legacy software. I do not know if this is different on X.

Now if you keep original format and/or emulation as your means of BC without repurchasing content, PC by far is easier. You can download games again or play from the CD drive. And if your new setup does not have a CD drive, you can amend that. You cannot enable BC on consoles through peripherals or anything.

Help me understand your position here. In your opinion, what makes backwards compatibility easier on consoles than PC?

porkChop36d ago (Edited 36d ago )


Ok. So this article is basically talking about official emulation for 360 games on PC. I said BC because that's how awdevoftw referred to it. When I referenced BC on PC, I meant Microsoft/Sony officially supporting emulation.

Any kind of optimization is far easier when dealing with a single hardware configuration. On top of that, console manufacturers know how their legacy systems work better than anyone else. So Sony/MS supporting BC/emulation on newer hardware is far easier.

On PC you're usually dealing with programmers/modders that don't have access to the ins and outs of how the legacy systems work. Even if it was an official MS/Sony emulator they'd still have to support hundreds of different CPUs, GPUs, etc. That would still be really difficult even with full knowledge of the systems, due to the complexity involved with emulation.

On PC it usually ends up being done through brute-force, which is why you usually need an exponentially more powerful PC compared to the legacy system your emulating.

DarXyde35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Ok, got it.

I was under the impression that you were speaking more broadly. Thanks for the clarification.

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TheRealTedCruz36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

It seems to be easy for everyone who isn't Sony. I mean, PS3/4 were similarly running emulators to play older games, just as MS did, except they opted to charge you to play them instead of letting you play the games you already owned. Or they just released a bunch of compilations at retail price.
And if every home console platform (and PC) can make crossplay work - freaking Nintendo is doing this - there's no reason Sony can't. They just fight not to.

There are indie developers who demonstrated just how easy it is to get crossplay working on PS.

meep31636d ago

Sony is the company who invented emulating games at higher resolution and calling them remasters.

timotim36d ago

I hope they can pull it off one day, but like Phil said, they would just add those 360 games to stream on the platform.

ABizzel136d ago

You're more likely to get a 360 emulator up and running before MS or any publishers even consider spending time on getting all the licenses for the major 360 games approved.

timotim36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I would assume that all the games that are BC currently on Xbox One, that they already thought about those things when they renewed the licenses for it. In other words...getting BC titles to run natively would be a challenge with the various hardwares you find on PC...however, once they figured it out, all titles that are BC up until that point would be able to just come over...

porkChop36d ago

If I can finish Lost Odyssey through xCloud, with minimal latency issues, I would definitely sub for that. My brother deleted my save by accident and I never went back to finish. I was right at the start of disc 3.

Imortus_san36d ago

I also stop at CD3 but because I gave UP, one day I may pick it up again.

meep31636d ago (Edited 36d ago )

You think of gamers are going to settle for xcloud?

Imortus_san36d ago

Xbox 360 games will be played by Xbox One = XClould, not on PC directly.

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