Keanu Reeves says videogames don't need Hollywood stars

Reeves also mused on the nature of his character, Johnny Silverhand, who may or may not be there to help.

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PhoenixUp36d ago

Of course they don’t. I’m still made how Kojima replaced David Hayter with Keith Sutherland with voicing Big Boss & Venom Snake

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FalconofLucis9835d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Kojimas an asshole and a narcissist. We all know it but none of these fanboys will admit it. He replaced David Hayter in MGS5 and Stephanie Joosten in Death Stranding with bigger hollywood actors without even telling them. Hes a hollywood kissass and would sell his own mother to them. Watch how they flag this comment, because they cant handle critcism of their lord and saviour.

DarXyde35d ago

I don't know that he's a narcissist or that he's, as you say, "an asshole", but he does seem to have some less-than-ideal tendencies, such as not contacting people to let them know what's going on. But I also wonder if Kojima is the one who handles casting directly. Either way, he hasn't said much to assuage concerns in that regard.

Overall, I have a hard time defining his character based on two bad things he's done. I'd say far more good has come from him than not. It doesn't excuse the bad things, but the bad things don't negate the years of memorable games either.

Varodor35d ago

Please relax, do you need some water or something else?

Fluttershy7735d ago

Well I'm watching, but what I'm seeing is a little kid trying to be purposely inflammatory because he gets a kick out of getting flagged, when he can say the exact same thing, make the same argument, as an adult in a polite way.

CDbiggen35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

MGSV and peace walker, even without Konami's interference, were just crap compared to everything before. All these cringeworthy film and other pop culture references just are, ugh, terrible - Death Stranding's DieHard Man? What on earth is that? But it's one of the most unique and interesting games I've seen for a long time so gotta take the good with the bad.

Kojima personally wanted Hayter gone for ages. He wanted Kurt Russell to play Snake in MGS3.

I don't think he said anything really inflammatory.

harmny35d ago

I love David hayter. But he wasn't kojimas friend. He said so. They barely talked to each other.
So he can do whatever he wants with his franchise

Tapani34d ago

I heard from people I know well and who spent a few hours with him that he is a really down to earth type of a guy and doesn’t care for titles. He seems interested in a lot of stuff and reads a lot. A kind of a director personality who is nice with people, but still very artistic.

Just what I gathered!

bluefox75534d ago

I don't care if he's either one of those things, I care about the quality of his games, and in that regard he delivers.

stanr34d ago

Shut your mouth casual, go jerk-off to a mobile game and leave the work of Kojima to real gamers.

CDbiggen34d ago

Heh, you had me thinking you were actually being serious there for a second. Good sarcasm.

AshleeEmerson34d ago

Do you need some milk or something? Geez

DarXyde34d ago


"Kojima personally wanted Hayter gone for ages. He wanted Kurt Russell to play Snake in MGS3"

To be fair, I think that's reasonable since Hayter is Solid Snake and Russell would have been Big Boss.

Chexs199034d ago

Do you also need a tissue for that salt? xD

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bluefox75534d ago

I don't mind, as long as it's not the primary focus of the budget. In other words, I don't want the game quality to suffer in order to pay for some celebrity. Probably had something to do with Crackdown 3's failure.

NarutoFox34d ago

CD3 was a failure before they even released the game

Segata34d ago

Cage somehow thinks his crapfests are more credible because he hired some actor to be in it. Bad dialogue is still bad dialogue. Imagine if The Room had Ellen Page.

PhoenixUp34d ago

@ NoHo

The only thing worse than replacing David Hayter with Kevin Southerlin is having the character have way less speaking lines than he used to.

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isarai35d ago

Need? No, but in a medium that can tell stories like nothing else, why not pick from the pre-existing fruitful tree that is Hollywood actors to help sell the story?

Apocalypse Shadow35d ago

I kind of agree.

But, the only problem with it is the price tag that goes along with them being in the game that could go into making the game itself. A lot of the movies we see are only expensive because the stars demand a level of compensation. Same for games.

I remember some old movies used to have an all star cast just because they loved acting and wanted to be in the picture or just to help their friend make the movie. Now, not so much.

It would also be nice to let good, upcoming actors get a chance to star in something instead of the same faces and voices all the time. Tired of seeing and hearing some of them. I like Morgan Freeman. But I don't want to see his face and hear his voice all the time.

FalconofLucis9835d ago

So youll accept Keanu Reeves and not Morgan Freeman? Theyre both amazing.

Glemt35d ago

Personally? I feel Geralt in The Witcher felt like his own character because I didn't see a likeness to a real person. When I saw Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk, I immediately thought "Hey, that's Keanu Reeves", and not "Hey, that's a cool character".
I think it's a great idea to have actors play the parts, even do the voices (to a certain extent, if they are not too familiar sounding), but animate them differently.

harmny35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

That's because you're not used to it. In movies having Hollywood stars doesn't prevent you from thinking hey that's a great character. It's the same thing

NapalmSanctuary34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

@harmny Certain Hollywood actors very much get in the way of character recognition. Once they get big enough or are constantly playing the same type of roles, unless they are exceptionally good at playing characters other than themselves or just aren't in many movies, they tend to completely obfuscate the character they are playing. Luckily, Keanu Reeves isn't in very many films nowadays.

NapalmSanctuary34d ago

Film actors tend not to do so well in video games. Kiefer Sutherland didn't help sell the MGSV story. In fact he was a major source of disconnect in it.

bluefox75534d ago

Historically, this has always been seen as paying millions to a big actor rather than focusing those funds on making a better game, but if the budget is big enough, I don't think it has to be this way.

NapalmSanctuary34d ago

I sure as hell don't want to hear anymore about how games are getting more expensive to make.

Dom_Estos34d ago

A medium that can tell a story like nothing else? A video game? Better than books? Better than a 70 part TV series? Better than a trilogy of films? No. No, I don't think so.

TheOptimist34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Yep. Completely. If consumers weren't shallow enough to want "realistic grafix", we can have stories that are interactive in a way no other mode of story-telling can match.

A book tells one singular story, with a start and an end even if the story might be complex.

In a game with an interactive story, the involvement of the player leading to certain outcomes can have a more profound effect on the consumer.

In books, the characters tell and take part in the story. In games, the consumer takes part in the story.

Ever heard of active and passive protagonists in movies or books or anime? That 'protagonist' becomes the player in games and not someone with set characteristics defined by a storyteller.

This is not taking away from any of the other art forms like novels or movies or anime, but if you can't see where gaming can take story-telling you need to open up your mind.

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mogwaii35d ago

Exactly and I wish he wasn't in this.

Fluttershy7735d ago

Exactly! I like him, I really do. But not in this world. Not in this setting. It is so out of place and for me the first sign that everything is not great with this game... But I guess the kids were impressed? And I really don't understand it because I'd argue that he's a mega-star of the 90's (Bill&Ted, Dracula, Point Break, The Devil's Advocate, Speed, The Matrix) ; But I guess I misjudged the importance of John Wick?!!

harmny35d ago

Don't buy it then. The kids have nothing to do with it. The game is M rated

radiantmind1334d ago

It took me a bit to watch the John Wick movies but when I finally did I was impressed. Actually really good series with a cool world they created in it with all the assasins and stuff.

KryptonKronos35d ago

Tell that to Kojima. Tried to replace Hayter in MGS snake eater for Sutherland, made Hayter audition for a role he's already played and was told he wasn't their choice until Sutherland backed out.

Again with Death Stranding, contacts Stefanie Joosten to play Fragile, Joosten receives no call back and Kojima replaces her with a Hollywood actress. Joosten didn't even get a phone call, she found out like the rest of us.

Talk about a Hollywood hard on.

Kakashi Hatake35d ago

I believe it's because he wants to get into movies

KryptonKronos34d ago

I think his love for film is more or less the reason why.

harmny35d ago

Kojima can do whatever the hell he wants with his game. Don't buy it if you don't like it

KryptonKronos34d ago

At what point did i describe that i didn't like his games?

PhantomS4234d ago

Voice actors are replaced all the time between entries/versions without being called back. The voice actress for Chie in Persona 4 was replaced in P4G without being called back too. People go to interviews all the time being told they are a strong candidate for the position and then don't get a call back either. Unless a contract was signed there is nothing guaranteeing an actor to a role for every entry or game with that developer.

KryptonKronos34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

The decency of calling someone back and letting them know the part isn't there's before actually calling them in the first place and telling them the part is, may have nothing contractually obliged attached to it. None the less the medium generally works that way.

As with Hayter, auditioning someone who has already voiced the main character for years, isn't exactly a good practice. Especially when you take into account going into the audition he was already told he was Kojimas second choice. The only reason he ended up getting a part he's played before, was down to the fact Sutherland wasn't interested in MGS snake eater.

And don't forget you're looking at a universe where Naked Snake and Solid Snake are practically the same person. Who in their right mind would want them to audition for the same role twice? You may have an argument if it was down to fair practice, but there's nothing fair about telling Hayter before the audition "Sorry for working with us all these years, but you're practically left overs" if i was Hayter I would of backed out aswell, leaving Kojima with a tough decision to find someone else fit for the role.

Segata34d ago

I will say this. Christopher Judge is a much better Kratos.

Segata34d ago

Didn't he ask Jooston to play Fragile but then never contacted her again in favor of a Bond actress?

KryptonKronos34d ago

She was in Spectre i think. And i agree, Christopher Judge was a better Kratos, no doubt.

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