Here's How Long Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 1 Will Last In Term of Story

Final Fantasy VII Remake finally has a release date and while it might feel unreal now, keep in mind that this is just the first part in the series which means it won’t cover the full story from the original game.

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TheRealTedCruz32d ago

I'm 27.
The last release should make for a great 40th birthday present.


Lol. It’s funny because it’s likely to be true knowing Square.

BLizardXD32d ago

can't be a proper remake without changing discs. lol.

FishTank32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

@ TheRealTedCruz - "I'm 27."

can't be the real Ted Cruz if you're 27. only reason why i disagreed. jokes aside, the game will have a sooner date. midgar was the biggest city next to junon.

Moe-Gunz31d ago

Stop playing you know we’ll be on the PS9 when the final episode releases.

KillZallthebeast31d ago

Excuse you it is well known that the cruz family line has acess to time machines

roadkillers31d ago

We’ll have remakes of the remakes coming at that point. Each episode of the remake will be split into 4 parts.

Spurg32d ago

Midgard story has been expanded but it's just a fraction of the story
They are gonna need at least 3 more episodes to complete the story.

wwinterj32d ago

Hard to really say how many episodes they will need to complete the story as each episode could have more or less content.

ThunderGod_Cid32d ago

3?! You're being generous. If the entirety of VII-1 is just them dragging out the Midgar scenario, I'm pretty sure VII-2 will most likely just be you getting to Kalm and Cloud's fake Nibelheim retelling.

Chexs199032d ago

They already stated that it will be a 3 part story.
A couple years ago Nomura came out and said it during an interview.
Can't recall the source though

Lionsguard32d ago

Your interview is outdated and you can't even recall the source. Jason Schrier of Kotaku just interviewed Nomura and he admits he doesn't even know how many parts will be. I'm guessing he actually does have some idea but won't say it otherwise people will just keep quoting him like its gospel.

Gardenia31d ago

Midgar is like 15% of the full game. This is going to be more than 3 episodes. If not then they will screw up the pace of the game compared to episode one.

Also walking from Midgar to Kalm would take like 10 seconds with no fights because of the character size on the world map. How would that work in he remake? Is that going to take like a 15 minute walk or more? Most of the map is grass so will it all be grasslands? They can still screw this up badly if not done right.

Chexs199031d ago

@Lionsguard Fair enough, I was just giving him what I knew. If it's outdated info though, thanks for clarifying.
Regarding source, I don't usually write down every URL I come across, as I have more pressing matters to waste my time on.

InKnight7s32d ago

Personally, midgar is so interesting but the original game didn't give us a possible a chance to explore if that has been expanded I am more than happy to buy the deluxe edition.

Mr Marvel32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I don’t do chapter content... maybe when it’s all done I’ll play it (on my PS9).

MeteorPanda32d ago

"I want the hard work of 10 and on going years worth of development for 40 bucks in the sale bin at gamestop"

Thats all well and good but this game is not ripping people off with the standard game purchase.

poppinslops32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Sounds like that's precisely what they're doing - taking one of the most iconic games ever made and padding it with unnecessary filler in order to charge a minimum of $180 for the full story... Meanwhile, the Witcher has a 200-300 hour campaign and it's made by a frikkin' indie dev! Hell, even GTAV (which cost $300million to make and market) retailed for $60!

Anyone who buys part 1 brand new is effectively sending a message to publishers like EA and Activision and telling them that it's okay to pull this kind of $#!t...

MeteorPanda32d ago (Edited 32d ago )


..bro....give me all the filler.

Witcher is a fantastic game but ff7r is pushing the graphics heaps more. more data = more space. With games nowadays you have to sacrafice something to make profit...square has decided to sacrafice nothing.

did you just call CD project red...indie? they own gog. dot com ffs.

poppinslops32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Technically CDPR are an INDEPENDENT developer - they cut deals with Warner Bros and Bandai Namco in order to get Wild Hunt published outside of Europe... But that's beside the point - which is games like the Witcher and GTAV represent real value for money, whereas I cannot remember the last time Square Enix released a AAA title that didn't try to screw it's fanbase for extra $$$!

RotTR's exclusivity, Deus Ex's 'Augmented' pre-orders, episodic Hitman, FFXV's so-called Season-Pass and 'Royal' editions (niether of which give players the full game) and now this $#!tshow... and y'all just lap it up because of your precious nostalgia!

"Give me all the filler" indeed... Be careful what you wish for!

Lionsguard32d ago

@poppinslops Whether or not CDPR is independent or not is moot. They are still in fact a multi-million dollar studio. Don't make it like they're two dudes in a garage selflessly making a 200+hr game. Furthermore, Witcher 3 is much easier to do. 1.) There's only one guy you control through the whole game and 2.) They have more freedom, Square has to get the FF7 world just right considering that we've been through it before, we have expectations that things still exist in some form or other.

CorndogBurglar32d ago

"did you just call CD project red...indie? they own gog. dot com ffs."

Do you not know what "indie" means? A developer can be huge and worth multi-billion and own other companies and still be an independent studio.

Now, to your point, poppinslops made it sound like CDPR are just a small group of guys getting together in their free time and making games, lol. Which certainly isn't the case.

good_sk8er32d ago

Being a huge fan, I'd rather have a hugely expanded multi-release remake. I mean you could get 1 game, condensed. Or several, expanded.. for someone who love the series, I say the more the better.

Also, just because you think the Witcher 3 and GTAV are good values, doesn't make it true. That's a very subjective claim, and I'm sure you, me and every other person on here would disagree on which games we find the most value in.

FalconofLucis9832d ago

@poppinloops FF7R will shit on W3, W3 has shit gameplay, poor graphics compared to FF7R and much more smaller underwhelming scale of story stop kissing CD Projekts ass. We know youll buy some episode of the remake sooner or later cuz you cant resist fuck boy and when you decide t do fucking dont cause youre a hypocrite

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wraith999932d ago

its the same thing as for example the original (and probably new) GoW saga

you dont really kill zues until the end of the third game, and complete the story

this is no different lol

Mainman18732d ago

Yeah, it's not for people with an IQ of 50+.

Thundercat7731d ago

You will buy the game when it releases despite your crying.

lipton10131d ago

Of course he will. He just wants some cheap internet attention

lipton10131d ago

*The Crowd Roars*

Please, somebody get this guy a cookie. He apparently needs to feel special.

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Immagaiden32d ago

Part 1 just sends shivers up my spine

God knows how long until the entire remake will be available, or even when Final Fantasy XVI will out