Power At E3 Died, But Of Course The Nintendo Switch Consoles All Stayed On

Though power died at one point during E3, fans were able to continue playing Nintendo Switch games, as the consoles remained on.

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Neonridr31d ago

That's a pretty awesome selling point right there. I mean the hall goes dark, all the people who were trying out demos just yank the Switches out of the docks and keep playing. Marketing gold in itself :P

DaDrunkenJester31d ago

Those consoles were concealed in cases, but yeah having an internal battery has its benefits.

mikeslemonade31d ago

I rather play no games than sub 720p games.

EddieNX 30d ago

All the games I've played in handheld mode look fantastic. Better than any other portable device I've ever played.

Playing Diablo 3 ATM, classic example of where Portability is better.

Neonridr29d ago

boo.. well I guess my story worked "in theory", lol.

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Shane Kim31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

If the power in your home goes you need to get your a** off the couch and start inspecting.

NotoriousWhiz30d ago

I didn't realize inspecting thunderstorms were a thing.

Shane Kim30d ago

No but why your power is out.

Neonridr29d ago

so are you suggesting that people inside a giant hall should start inspecting what's wrong with the power? :P

DigitallyAfflicted30d ago

Oh wow unbelievable battery powered device stayed on after main power was gone. This is amazing !!!

And only one little article mentions this!!! It’s got be CIA silencing eye witnesses just In case switch owners will try to take they Nintendo’s to the streets...

Neonridr29d ago

your sarcasm was laid on a little too thick there, I think you oversold it.

SegaSaturn66931d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I bet Sony hired Don Matrick to cut the power.

Army_of_Darkness31d ago

I'm not sure why you would mention Sony of all companies into this considering how it doesn't effect them in any way since, you know... They weren't even there........
If anything, I'd say it was Nintendo who turned the light "switch" off ;-)

SegaSaturn66931d ago

It was a joke. And apparently it didn't do well

Segata31d ago

Happened to me at home last week. We had a big storm and the power went out. I was able to just pull the Switch out of the dock and kept playing FFIX. I had to rebuild the database on my PS4 tho which annoyed me.

WPX31d ago

2 years ago, when hurricane Maria hit(I live in PR), I went for about 5 months without electricity(it was hell and boring too ) but the only console I could play was the switch(got to play the whole Mario Odyssey, Doom And Xenoblade and experience it completely portable).

yomfweeee31d ago

Odd your battery lasted that long.

WPX31d ago (Edited 31d ago )


I used my car charger at times or my generator.
I wish lol but the batteries can't last 5 months.

WalkerFTW31d ago

Lots of people seem to be learning how batteries work.

Bruh31d ago

Wonders of the universe as they say

Cmv3831d ago

And I'll still prefer my ps4....😂

TheRealTedCruz31d ago


A working Switch will always be an infinite amount more useful than a dead PS4.


Haven't you heard, Sony won E3 by not showing up. By N4G logic, a dead PS4 is the best console of all time.

SolidGamerX31d ago


The battery in the Switch wont last forever and it too will eventually become as you say, dead.

TheRealTedCruz31d ago


Okay? Takes away nothing from the fact that Switch can still be played during a power outage.
Hell, I'm hiking the Appalachian Trail come mid-summer. I'll be taking my Switch with me to play at night. Can't exactly do that with my PS4 with any sort of convenience to be had.

JunMei31d ago



A few hours of something, is better than a few hours of nothing.

NotoriousWhiz30d ago

Unless that something is reality TV.

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