9.7 Review of Fallout 3

BigPete7978 of writes:

"Although I did not play the first two Fallout games from the series I still feel that I am more than able to review this game. It stands up on it's own considering from the research that I have done it is completely on it's own and different from the other two titles that were on the PC. This title reminds me a lot of what Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was in many ways. But everything that I complained about Oblivion seems to have been revamped or fixed in this title. I'm not saying they are a lot alike, it's just there are similarities here and there. The one complaint I had about Oblivion was that it was nowhere near a character driven title. Fallout gives you the ability to make your character be a good guy, bad guy, or neutral (a lot harder than you think). You do this through the various actions that you do throughout the game, even the way you talk to people. So now that I'm done with the intro of sorts, it's time for the real review. First I will tell you what I liked, then disliked, and finally wrap it up with whether or not I feel that the title is purchase worthy."

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