Final Fantasy VIII remaster music will be from the PlayStation version

Final Fantasy fans will be happy to hear that the upcoming remastered version of Final Fantasy VIII will feature music based around the original PlayStation score.

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-Foxtrot671d ago

Thank God

Give us a collectors edition Square with a Steelbook and Soundtrack

InKnight7s670d ago

I think this will come Ps5 as collection of vii, viii and ix 4k remastered for $60.

-Foxtrot670d ago a good idea

Little replica of something from each game included.

Deathdeliverer670d ago

Can’t beat that with a bat.

2BlackBelt670d ago

So excited to get this the second its out for PS4 and spend 3 days no lifing the Platinum.

My favourite Final Fantasy after 9, 6, 4 and 7

Teflon02670d ago

You literally named every one I would have accepted as a favourite FF lol. IX is my fav followed by VII. Then 4 and 6 after that. 5 maybe after that? I'm not too sure but I like that one alot too. Also has one of the most iconic battle tracks in all of final fantasy

669d ago
AK91669d ago

Wait isn’t this the case with FF7 and FF9 Remaster as well? This shouldn’t come as a surprise unless I’m missing something.

Snookies12669d ago (Edited 669d ago )

The PC port messed up the OST. The whole soundtrack was replaced with Midi versions of the original songs. Sounded very different to the PS1 version.

AK91669d ago (Edited 669d ago )

Was this fixed for the PS4 and Switch version?

indysurfn669d ago

FF7 and FF9 on PC had original music from playstation. In the article, it is mentioned that FF8 did not it had changed music people did not like.