Steam unveils new library redesign for early public beta

The Steam Library gets a redesign and the public beta is about to start soon. Valve has officially introduced the new design of the Steam library via a community announcement aimed at publishers and developers. The announcement basically shows them how to customize their game entries for the revised layout.

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Orionsangel472d ago

I like it! It reminds me of Launchbox

stupidusername472d ago

Anout time. Valve get nothing done these days. I see only good in Epic challenging them.

TheRealTedCruz472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

They should challenge them with a competent store and creating good will within the PC community, so they wouldn't have to hold games hostage in order to bring people to their platform.

Congratulating Epic on being competitive is like congratulating a professional fighter because he wins using cheap shots and brass knuckles. There's not a lot of worth to be had, but their end goal is met.

harmny472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Gog has a better store. No DRM and free stuff with every game. And nobody uses it except me.
You can't beat steam just with a better product

TheRealTedCruz472d ago


They offer better game packages, and put the work in to make older games playable, but to call it a "better store" is disengenuous.
It's missing a lot of the features and nuance that Steam does.

All the same, I give them my money as often as I can. To say that nobody uses it is far from true; being the second largest storefront on the market.
Steam is just simply a really large entity in the PC market.

Ddog45472d ago

AMEN brother, nailed it!

RedDevils471d ago

I want to know what kind of feature outside of having more games than GOG?

FinalFantasyFanatic471d ago


I prefer GOG, but sometimes, GOG just doesn't have the games I want.

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opc471d ago


I have GOG, but Steam lets me use their controller and customize any other controller

TheRealTedCruz471d ago

You can still use a Steam controller outside of Steam.
It's just a lot harder to program to make full use of it than it is on Steam.

On that note, I freaking love that controller.

opc471d ago


You can use it with non steam games and with the Desktop configuration but Steam must be running in the background. If that's the case, why not just get the game on Steam?

Orionsangel472d ago

Can this come out now!

My setup for Steam games on Launchbox is similar to this,

Profchaos471d ago

It's cool but I'm mostly interested in Universal Launchers and full intergration with all platforms steam, epic, Microsoft, Uplay etc I often forget I own games. I forgot I owner rise of the tomb raider on the Microsoft store.