PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Might Be Priced at $399, According to Michael Pachter

Initial specs for both, the PS5 and the Xbox Scarlett (or whatever Microsoft eventually ends up calling it) have been revealed, and they’e both looking like very impressive machines. But many have been wondering just what the price of admission is going to be in light of those specs.

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cl1983495d ago
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Community495d ago
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Neonridr496d ago

Native 4K gaming at solid framerates with supposed raytracing and next gen CPU for the same price as the Pro? I dunno about that one..

fiveby9496d ago

I think companies look at it as a loss leader. Take a loss on the hardware to gain a customer in their ecosystem. They probably expect an increasing amount of digital sales from their stores and can make up HW loss over time. But till the price is announced this is merely speculation from pundits.

Movefasta1993495d ago

we know they take losses, but all this talk about 4k 60 ,and 8k with ssd ect sounds like a 499 console.

mikeslemonade495d ago

Also another thing, it will not be $400 because of the tariffs also since these consoles are produced in China.

jznrpg495d ago

@mikeslemonade they can have the machines built in other countries . Malaysia Etc

mikeslemonade494d ago

^That would slow down production if they can only produce in other countries.

GamingSinceForever494d ago

It’s hard to take a loss out the gate on something that you know will sell out fast for the first 6 months.

The expensive components are not as expensive for them because AMD knows that they will purchase 10’s of million of them so they get a serious discount.

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Smitty2020495d ago

Going to cost at least 100 more

‘I want a more powerful console but don’t want to pay for it’

To all you younger generation you get what you pay for in life

ramiuk1494d ago

well its on tick ormummys credit card these days

harmny494d ago

All of you peasants discussing if the console is 400 or 500.
And then you want 4k. 60fps. 8k. 1tb SSD. are you delusional or what.
A 2080ti can't run games at 4k 60 and that GPU is $1200.

Kabaneri495d ago

Maybe with Xbox Game Pass and PSnow sub revenue MS and Sony are willing to take a bigger loss on the consoles.

mark3214uk495d ago

id pay more than 399 to get those features, hope they don't compromise, because of all the moaners that pay 1000 for a iphone every year but wont pay above 400 for a console that lasts over 5 years

Mr_Writer85494d ago


Tbf there is no proof that those who pay that much for a phone are the same people who would moan about a console, they might not even be gamers.

I myself would pay £600 for a PS5 if it had all this, and full BC with PS1-4.

But I wouldn't pay more than £200 for a phone, and even if I did I'd get it on credit via pay monthly contracts.

Bigman4k495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Yeah i agree noway ps5 and next gen xbox will be price at $400 unless either they take a loss on each console or cut some corners and make it alittle less powerful other then that we'll see what they do when both next gen cosoles are release i for one hope they dont release under power cosoles like they did this generation i dont mine paying $100 more for a beef up console

DarXyde495d ago

In typical GamingBolt fashion, the title is misleading.

He actually said that, in light of the known specs and features, he expects $500, but he believes Microsoft may announce $400 and prompt Sony to do the same.

He maintains the possibility is there, but his expectations are mor aligned with most gamers at this point (i.e., $500).

BizarroUltraman494d ago

$499 for both and its Sony who bring MS down on that price. I notice MS will stick to guns on intial pricing and then lower it if not meeting expectations.

traumadisaster494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

Thanks to you I finally see a good comment. I also agree with pachter, MS has the disposable/investment resources to make an equal spec unit and sustain higher losses than Sony.

Eidolon494d ago

Or just $100 more than a PS2??! Technology dude, it advances.

gam3r_4_lif3494d ago

I doubt MS and Sony would want to eat about a 150-200 buck loss on each console

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Majin-vegeta496d ago

According to the pastebin from guy who leaked pS5 info last year.Its gonna be $499

YourSixStudios_YT495d ago

$499 for a console seems to much. Might as well just buy a PC for that price.

Potnoodle999495d ago

Yh except.... I may be wrong but pretty sure you can’t get the exact same quality for that price. Nor can you get the exclusives. Not sure you thought that comment through...

Jojo1984495d ago

Your 500$ pc wouldn't touch these new consoles. U can't even get the equivalent to an XB1 X for 500$. Prolly not ps4 pro performance either. When people make there build videos trying to match a pc to the 1X they almost never factor in the 100$ + for windows 10. I know there's ways around that but it's a hassle most people do not want to deal with. Even with out the cost of windows it's hard to match performance for 500$. Unless your only willing to spend around 350$ I'd say a console is the better option. Unless one is thinking about getting an APU and getting a decent GPU later when u have more money to spend , but thats a whole different story.

Firebird360494d ago

PC's are for work and porn. Consoles are for gaming.

ramiuk1494d ago

4k gaming pc at that price? let me know whos seling it

mike32UK494d ago

looks like you're alone on that one... awkward

buffig494d ago

Console Vs PC power is never like for like. I read an interview with an Nvidia engineer where he said that in extreme cases you can reach 90% of a PCs performance with only 10% of the power. Simply down to the way it's engineered and the way the software accesses the hardware. A console with the equivalent of a gtx1080, would destroy a PC with a gtx1080. You just have to look at god of war on a base PS4, which in real terms is based on 8 year old PC hardware. It's ridiculous

494d ago
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Neonridr495d ago

As a Canadian, seeing these prices are a little scary. But if they are supposedly that much of a leap over this gen, then I will gladly fork over my money for a PS5.

Majin-vegeta495d ago

People want power but dont want to pay for it.

CBaoth494d ago

I'd bank on $499 USD Neon. They both know anything over that is a tough sell. We also know given the vague details and Stadia's official specs they'll be somewhere between 11-14 teraflops consoles. With custom SSDs it wouldn't shock me to see both companies already taking a $100 loss at launch.

I also wager we see a launch somewhere around November 5th, 2020. Why release in early March (Majin's link proposes either March or November) when you can stockpile reserves for Xmas and let Black Friday n holidays do the heavy lifting? I think it's a smart move for Sony to release 1st party software early in the year but expensive hardware, not so much.

lazyboyblue496d ago

399 would make the xb1x launch price very stingy in retrospect.

Ju495d ago

xb1x is $499...$399 in specials these days.

MecheSlays495d ago

299 on ebay rn by newegg and antonline

jznrpg495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Nobody is buying them they can be bought for cheaper

ramiuk1494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

i wouldnt be happy if id bought one,console for a year lol.
microshaft should do trade ins for it heavily discounted

lazyboyblue495d ago

Picked one up today for 299.

Ju495d ago

Refurbed for $313. But not new price. Doesn't change the fact that it launched at $499. And ya. Why?

purple101496d ago

They could do something like release it at $399 but with NO controller

(& make the Old controllers backwards compatible)

so everyone can just use what they've got.

and then release a new SUPER duper controllers for $99.99 that you can buy separately, if you like.

Livingthedream495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

That's an interesting idea, but controllers generally only run about $50 to $60, and probably wouldn't look too good to new adopters

YourSixStudios_YT495d ago

I like how the xbox digital console came out and they got rid of the optical drive, but it was like the same price as the Xbox one s.

nunley33495d ago

I doubt many liked the Xbox SAD Edition upon hearing about it,especially at that price. Same and actually higher than the standard S,the S isn't hard to find at $200.

nunley33495d ago

Sony will include the controller but its interesting. Also your PS4 controllers will work perfectly with PS5,i use my PS4 controllers on PS3 too and will do on PS5.

Jojo1984495d ago

Agreed. We dont need a new/almost identical controller. I like my xb1 controller. A controller less option for 50$ less woupd b nice. I don't like the thumb sticks on the ps4 controller as much. But it's a real good controller to.

mogwaii494d ago

They haven't even shown the controllers, what are you on about?!

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Felix_Argyle_Catbro496d ago

They will be $499. And that's perfect.

DillyDilly495d ago

Ask Sony how that went for the PS3. If they wanna cut cos tlike its been suggested one way to do that is make old stuff like Controllers Backwards Compatible & there would be no need adding extra crap people have etc. $499 is another death sentence like Sony experienced no matter who prices things that way. The PS3 showed theres a limit to these prices & that won't change

Kados495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

It will have to change eventually. It is a simple matter of inflation. $399 when the PS4 came out is equal to $450 now. $399 when the PS3 launched is equal to $510 now. Unless you want to start getting new consoles that are no more powerful than the PS1, which will be inevitable if you want prices to stay at $399 forever. When the PS5 launches at the end of 2020, $399 will probably be $475+. It is extremely naive to think consoles can stay at that price forever. $499 is pretty much guaranteed for the PS5 and Scorpio.

Edit: The PS3 actually sold really well at launch, contrary to popular belief. The 360 sold roughly 10m units world wide in its first year. The PS3 sold a little over 11m in its first year. The only reason the PS3 was behind for most of the gen was because it launched 1 year later. By Nov 2010, the PS3 had outsold the 360 by over 3m units world wide.

DillyDilly495d ago

@Kados The general audience (which console makers) has already spoken on this. Consoles are not Computers & Consoles were always meant to be affordable gaming devices. Take away affordable & that will be another thing that leads to another gaming crash

Agent_00_Revan495d ago

PS3 was $599, not $499.

People complained this generation wasn't strong enough and wasn't a big enough leap. Now Sony are hopefully going to go all out and make a strong console. Well that costs money. Putting an extra $100 worth of power and tech into the PS5 is the smart move. I understand that may hurt some people's wallets, but the last thing we want is the new consoles to feel outdated in 2-3 years.

Livingthedream495d ago

@DillyDilly that's 2006 it was toooo expensive for that time, and it really wasn't an improvement over the 360 other than the Blu Ray. It's almost 2020 so 499 would be more acceptable now adays especially if it actually performs as it is said

arkard495d ago

Not if it's backwards compatible with ps4 and newer stuff runs on ps4 or ps4 pro. Make pro your base console and Ps5 the new high end model

DillyDilly495d ago

@Agent_00_Revan The general audience will again decide if they want another Console that high priced at launch & it went badly last time. if Sony makes the same mistake again its on them

DillyDilly495d ago

@Kados if the PS3 sold well at launch why did Sony sooner rather than later rmake the price cheaper & sell it at a loss ? Sony fans are delusional as Sony quickly corrected that mistake

xX-oldboy-Xx495d ago

DillyDilly - Why did Aony drop the price? To stay competitive? What do I win? Sony PS3 outsold 360 since it launched, 360 had over a year head start in some cases, RROD, and still finished the gen in 3rd place.

With the PS3 feature set, if you got all the ms adaptors and so forth - 360 ended up costing more.

Kados495d ago (Edited 495d ago )


The PS3 was selling at a $200 loss right from the start. It also did not get a price reduction until more than a year after launch, which was simply because they could. Certain hardware had become cheaper to source, hence a drop in price to consumers also. It is unlikely they based their pricing solely on how well they were doing compared to the 360. They adjust the price as they are able, so as to maximize sales. More hardware sales = more software sales.

Correction to my last post. Meant Scarlett, not Scorpio. Keep getting those 2 mixed up.

jznrpg495d ago

That was13 years ago. Things are a lot different now . Blu Ray players were brand new at the time and nobody new what the Cell could do . If it’s 499 it will be a great deal imo

YourSixStudios_YT495d ago

The PS3 was $599 and sony still sold them at a loss.

mike32UK494d ago

seems like not many people agree with you, myself included.

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Chuuzuu495d ago

I personally had no problem paying $499 for the Project Scorpio X considering the value that it brought to me (4K, amazing graphics, Ultra HD Blu-Ray player). Looking at the preliminary specs that the PS5 and Scarlett are going to have, they'll both be day one purchases for me!!

nunley33495d ago

Yeah $499 is a good price for what it offers,i hope it is that price. @Agent,PS3 had two models at launch,one was $499 and another at $599. I bought my PS3 a year after for $499 for the 80gb bc model,best $499 ever spent.