Leaks Aren’t the Same as Spoilers (So Calm Down)

Does a game announcement leaking early spoil the fun? Or are leaks just a part of marketing and making announcements even better?

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Born2Game8335d ago

Leaks aren't ok as long as you're not a fanboy/girl of the series/game. Look at Fallout 4 leak. It spoiled a lot of the game way ahead of its announcement. Now say Kotaku won't do the same for Cyberpunk 2077 because its not ethical....................... ..... which just reaffirms my point.

Leaks for game A - fanboys outrage over it
Leaks for game B - not much outrage because its a niche title.

Cueil35d ago

Kotaku and Bethesda have had a problem for years. If cyberpunk was a Bethesda game 100 percent they would leak everything

PhantomS4235d ago

It depends. If it's about a game announcement then it's not the same as a spoiler but it is just as disappointing because the surprise is ruined. If the leak about a game that is unreleased then yes it is the same thing as a spoiler. I know I'm going to be putting Pokemon news on my avoid list because those games always end up getting leaked details before they release, not to mention Nintendo/Gamefreak go way overboard on how much they reveal which ruins nearly all the mystery to the games.

zodiac90935d ago

Leaks spoil things, so technically Leaks and spoilers go hand in hand.

Chumdiddy35d ago

They often are. I'm not sure they know what a spoiler is as opposed to what the term "spoiler" means in the entertainment community.

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