Gears of War 2's Default Graphics Settings = Washed Out?

Kombo writes: "I was playing Gears of War 2 last night, and I couldn't help but feel that the game didn't look as good as I remember the original Gears of War looking. I started to think that perhaps maybe it was just that the engine was no longer as impressive as it was two years ago. The visuals just looked washed out."

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Danja4566d ago

This wont end well....5.4..3..2...

meepmoopmeep4566d ago

they must have forgotten to take out the PS3 setting.


SeNiLe9114566d ago

Looks better then the original but only by a little since Gears 1 looked good as well.

For those with a 7-11 close by

InMyOpinion4566d ago

I had totally forgotten about the fact that you can change the visual settings in Gears. Gonna change it to 'vibrant' right now =) It made the first game look twice as good.

reaferfore204566d ago

Wow I didn't know 711's sold video games. The ones around here don't.

s8anicslayer4565d ago

whatever the case washed out or not i'm getting this tommarow no matter the circumstance. and i'd rather buy it at circuit city and score free 1600 ms live points card with gears2,sweet!

JeffGUNZ4565d ago

Some guys TV settings wern't correct, so he had to chage them? Really? That's news? Really?

Maddens Raiders4565d ago

90% of XBOX games are washed out and have that stone washed jeans look to them or they over compensate bloom lighting and motion blur (DiRt, FNR3, Mirror's Edge), because the system isn't capable of processing a full color palette to complement the graphics on screen. Why do you think Gears has so few players on line? Microsoft can continue to fool its loyal die-hard fans -- and it will, but the rest of us know that this system is limited and is on it's way out.

edhe4565d ago

Wow, completely 'out-there' unjustifiable lies.

Nice ! ;D

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harpua4566d ago

"Gears of War 2's Default Graphics Settings = Washed Out?"

death, taxes, 360 not next-gen

b00mFargl34565d ago

i dont even think anyone will take your statements seriously.

Danja4566d ago

I think it's becaused the game didn't really improve that much visually and becuase the orignal game looked so good that ppl were expecting a biggger graphical update...

and the UT3 engine is rather dated now ...^.^

ThanatosDMC4566d ago

Well, i wrote somewhere that Gears2 is comparable to UT3 on high settings especially the chinese villa deathmatch map.

There wasnt much of an upgrade so there wasnt much of a wow factor unlike the first one.

Wish they can add some sort of mod support later for the PC version. But i guess, that's what UT3 is for... just gotta grab files from Gears 2.

Ren4565d ago

Two years ago of course it looked amazing , but now after games like MGS4 , Uncharted and Mass Effect(just to name a few) GeoW 2 lost the "wow" effect.

PirateThom4566d ago

That's OK, when a Microsoft XBox 360 is connected to your high definition television set, you can change various settings such as brightness and contrast, so you can get optimal picture.

Sadly, the Sony PlayStation 3 disables this television feature which must be the reason games looked washed out with this device.

pansenbaer4566d ago

Yeah, the Playstation 3 has nothing in the from of customizable options. All my games look horribly washed out.

Tmac4566d ago

so washed out.. it hurts.

elorm94566d ago

That's a load of BS, just make sure your HDTV set is calibrated correctly and you're good to go.

WhittO4566d ago

ur all being sarcastic right?

if ur colours look washed out its either because you havent turned the RGB option on in display settings OR your tvs are sh*t!

Tmac4566d ago

Lol well i guess me and the other two dudes got it, guess u guys didnt :(.

koston36474566d ago

they are all being sarcastic

reaferfore204566d ago

Man I'm sick of the phrase "washed out". Everyone has that to say about something.

Motion4566d ago

The colors in real life look really washed out.

ultimolu4566d ago

They missed the sarcasm train Thom. ;;

pansenbaer4565d ago

Man, 9 disagrees? I probably lost a bubble too. I should watch my sarcasm a little more carefully...

WhittO4565d ago

or maybe after your post at the bottom "/sarcasm".

There are alot of people on here that would say exactly what you said while not being sarcastic lol

pansenbaer4565d ago

Yeah, I know, I was basically making fun of them. Oh well, no worries.

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Th3 Chr0nic4566d ago

some guy had his brightness to high so that means gears 2 isnt as impressive....please give me a break. how much more of a cry for attention do u need guy? oh look at me gears is lame and i want to talk about it.

hype vs anti-hype ding ding let the spitting begin

elorm94566d ago

This was totally unnecessary, not everyone will have this problem if they've got their TV's calibrated correctly.