Is The Simpsons Arcade Game as good as you remember?

Games Asylum: "...To this day the original Simpsons arcade game remains one of my fondest arcade memories, alongside Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wrestlemania and various racing games with elaborate cabinets.

So just how rose tinted is my nostalgia? Is The Simpsons Arcade Game still as good as I remember today?"

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yellowgerbil32d ago

No it isn't. Have it included in one of those arcade sticks with 1000 arcade games. the Xmen one holds up well, but the attacks just don't feel as good in the Simpsons one. Looks nice though.

shaun mcwayne32d ago

Remember the limitations tech had back then, cavemen like me learned to stand upright just to play arcade machines, evolution baby.


haha good laugh. oh arcades. time to go watch Terminator 2

Profchaos32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Replayed it a few years back was a pretty nostalgic trip down memory lane but frustrating as all hell at the last few levels

awdevoftw32d ago

Its still a fun beat em up all these years later. Got it on the ps3 with the xmen.


wait what? i did not know this

NonShinyGoose31d ago

They're no longer available as the licenses expired.

awdevoftw31d ago

They were available for a little bit, but konami pulled them pretty quick. That's why I hate digital.