Valve Rejects Educational Yuri VN 'The Expression: Amrilato' Delaying Release on the Platform

Valve has rejected the educational yuri visual novel The Expression: Amerilato for unknown reasons and focred the delay of the game on the platform.

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kevinsheeks35d ago

I have no horse in this race but from reading the article this title seems to have no porn in it at all, out of all the odd titles steam has let onto their platform why take the stance on this title? I mean I expected it would happen but their are titles sitting on steam at this moment for sale with the actual thing they claim their banning this title for, color me baffled.

Steam is an odd place though so it's to be expected lol

SegaGamer35d ago

Porn isn't the reason why it's been rejected, it is because Steam feels that they are sexualizing kids. I don't know anything about the game so I wouldn't know if that is actually happening in the game or not.