Deals: PS3 with $100 gift card, $20 Greatest Hits, Kill Bill Blu-ray

This Saturday, November 8th at 8 AM, Walmart stores will have some one-day only PS3 related deals. The 80GB PS3 will come with a $100 gift card, while the Greatest Hits titles Warhawk, Resistance and MotorStorm will be $19.82.


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So Easy I Can Do It3686d ago

can u you the gift card on the ps3 itself?

Omegasyde3686d ago

Not on same purchase, but a smart person would utilize the card on the next transaction i.e. video games, blu-ray movies, Hannah Montana merchandise .

Cwalat3686d ago

sweet deal... 100 extra bukks.. and you can purchase two games with those money..

meaning: PS3 + motorstorm 2 + littlebigplanet = 399$


baraka0073686d ago

Sucks you can't use it on the PS3 but I would say get a mic and all three of those $19.82 games.

ProjectArsenal3686d ago

Wow, that's a great deal! This will certainly get more people to "Play B3yond" this holiday season!

Raoh3686d ago


Only 4 per store.... that could turn into a fight