The Genesis Mini will make you wonder how Sega lost the console wars - Digital Trends

DT: “Sega may have lost the console wars in the '90s to Nintendo, but it has stepped up its game in the "Mini" console wars. We demoed the Sega Genesis Mini at E3 2019. With a solid, large library of games and an authentic hardware design, the Sega Genesis Mini offers a great way to relive your childhood.”

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DazaMc37d ago

As good as Sega's games were, Nintendo's were better.

Neonridr37d ago

any game that released on both was 99% of the time better on the SNES. That limited color palette made some games just look flat out ugly. I did love the Genesis sound though, that twang to their music was pretty awesome.

CorndogBurglar37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

It wasn't the Genesis or its games that lost the console wars. It was all of the money they spent putting out peripherals that killed them. The Sega CD and 32x were terrible, sold terribly, and really hurt them.

Then came the Saturn to put the nail in the coffin.

FlyingFoxy37d ago

I never had a Saturn, i went from Mega Drive, SNES and Mega CD to PS1.

I can see why the Mega CD failed, but games like Final Fight had amazing music, just a shame it wasn't more powerful. I think i only had like 4 games for the CD. Sonic CD,Sol Feace, Batman and Final Fight, not sure if i had some other racing game or not.

Dreamcast was a step in the righr direction for sure, shame they screwed up with the 32x and CD though. I wasn't really a fan of the Saturn either.

ravens5237d ago

The Saturn was ahead of its time just like dreamcast. I still have a Saturn one of the best systems i ever had. Remember playing breakpoint tennis on there and virtua cop. Just need the wires a controller and some games lol.

CorndogBurglar36d ago

I had Sega CD and actually had quite a few games.
Tomcat Alley was by far my favorite.
Dracula, Ground Zero Texas, Double Switch, Sewer Shark, Power Rangers, Prize Fighter, and Mortal Kombat

Unfortunately most of them were just FMV's that you had to press buttons at the right time like quicktime events.

Sega CD was cool when I was like 12. But looking back it was quite the piece of junk.

Good-Smurf37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

They released Game Gear,Nomad,Sega,CD,still new Master System in South America and 32X
Too many systems to support at one time so they bleeding money left and right.

Einhander197137d ago

The Mega CD and 32X had great tech just never fully exploited. Certainly not terrible, if Sega followed NEC with Quality 2D games like the PC Engine CD instead of the FMV route, things would of been different. I have said it many times before tech is nothing without quality games. But I also have some gems on my Mega CD:)

Phoenix7637d ago

I want desert strike included

Orionsangel37d ago

It was winning it's console war for 3 years. I'd call that a win. Coming from behind late to win a console war doesn't impress me. SNES did that. PS3 did that, but for me Genesis was the king of the 16 bit era. As the 360 for me was the king of it's era. Despite sales numbers. The most selling doesn't always mean the most relevant.

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