Xbox's Matt Booty on Studio Acquisitions & Making Game Pass Valuable

Microsoft's head of studios discusses why Xbox is buying up studios and how it is making Game Pass attractive to customers.

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PhoenixUp539d ago

It ain’t about the number of studios you buy, it’s the amount of quality you can produce.

You can buy as many studios as you want but if consumers have to go through months of disappointment with only 1 or 2 worthy games a year then you done messed up.

Microsoft in particular has been in the console market for 18 years and still find it difficult to produce a consistent flow of first party content, which is laughable. If XGP weren’t a thing I wonder if they’d even be on this acquisition spree.

FanboySpotter539d ago (Edited 539d ago )

They make billions off software. Even more with gamepass believe it or not exclusives aren't everything they are just a bonus. I don't think you should be talking about first party games if you're a ps fanboy, if you are you just set yourself up 98% aren't first party exclusives. The only AAA first party this year that i can think of is days gone. Death stranding isn't first party. "Difficult to produce consistent flow of firsty party" would be right for both xbox and ps. Nintendo too.

chronoforce539d ago

It certainly does not help that some of their biggest studios have been anchored to a single franchise. Surely The Coalition and 343 could have made a new franchise much like some of Sony's studios did this generation.

i3eyond the Circle539d ago

Good job.

People are quick to forget it’s only been a year and they are expecting you to unveil a portfolio in comparison to games that have been in the work for YEARS themselves. In time and you’ll have 14+ studios with full creative power to deliver on their visions.

UltraNova539d ago

It will be a good job when we see good games come out of all those studios. Until then its just promises.

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KillMePrettyPlease539d ago

They mentioned they were going to release a first party game every three months too

KwietStorm_BLM539d ago

He should have changed his gamertag so many years ago

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