These 5 Games are Leaving Xbox Game Pass at the End of June

Every month Microsoft adds new games to their Xbox Game Pass service but at the same time there are games that leave the service as well. In fact there will be a total of 5 games leaving Xbox Game Pass at the end of June.

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SheenuTheLegend731d ago (Edited 731d ago )

why i still dont think its a good idea to get a game pass just why?
it would be great if they let players choose what to keep with a timer sort of thing.

TGGJustin731d ago

I mean Game Pass isn't for people who want to own games. It's for people who want to dive in an play what's on offer. Most games stick around in the catalog well long enough to give you enough time to finish them.

gamer7804730d ago

all Microsoft games are there to stay, its almost worth it just for that, but you also get discounts on dlc which is awesome, so if you are getting gems or something for a multiplayer game to spend in the game store you get a discount on those too.

mikeslemonade730d ago

The 5 games coming are always better than the 5 games leaving with the time criteria. New releases, over several year old games.

Shiken730d ago

I have Game Pass for the MS exclusives personally, as I would not want to pay full price for them otherwise. So it still have value, and is one really good thing MS has done this generation.

babadivad730d ago

Also, if you REALLY like a game, you can purchase to own it at a massive discount.

BrianOBlivion729d ago

Personally, I use GamePass to try out games to see if I want to buy them on the PS4.

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optimus731d ago (Edited 731d ago )

well they do have a section on gamepass with games that will be leaving that month in case you want to play them before they're gone...if you want to keep a game from gamepass they do let you buy it with a discount...most games stay in there for a fairly long time, some for a year or more...the smart way to use gamepass is simply by looking at the price of a game...if you plan to play the game and you think it's going to take you over a month to finish, if the price is less than $10 then just go ahead and buy it before the subscription ends. even if they take it out of gamepass you will still be able to play it after that.

TacoTaco731d ago

If you want to keep something on Game Pass, support the developer and purchase the game. The Store usually has a discount as well

optimus731d ago

didn't i just say that?

TacoTaco730d ago

It says 1 hour ago, there's no way for me to know if we were typing at the same time or not...

optimus730d ago

yeah there is. it says 2 hours ago next to my name.

TK-66730d ago


Calm down dude.

KillBill730d ago

Actually @optimus you didn't just say that. you didn't mention supporting the developers at all. Your verbiage was a run-on paragraph that people tend not to read.

And if people reply with similar things just agree with them and leave it at that. Why do you have to make it seem like some kind of contest?

crazyCoconuts730d ago

You know if people reply with similar things just agree with them. You don't have to make it seem like some kind of contest, Right?

optimus730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

@killbill.... i didn't say "support the developers"? really? that's the big difference to you?🙄.... as if that's going to be the defacto argument to pursuade anyone into buying a game. get real...

do people decide to buy their clothes contemplating on whether they should support the designers? do people buy their food and think to themselves " I'll do it to support farners" and not because i'm actually hungry...

you kids sound ridiculous whenever you say dumb things like that because it's redundant. just like repeating something that was already said...hell, even n4g administrative thinks so since they don't allow "duplicate" articles to be submitted. (even though they tend not to enforce that)....

the truth of the matter is, kids just like to feel "smart" by repeating or copying things instead of actually doing a little reading for thenselves...hence why we have so many school dropouts every year.🙄...supporting the developers.😄

TacoTaco730d ago

Dude, really? It's a single comment, not a statement on... Childhood dropout rates?

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King_Noctis731d ago

Or you can buy the game outright? That is still an option you know.

shiva1730d ago

Do the math buddy... Outright 100 games is how much? and how much is gane pass?

But yeah options. Some dont get what it means.

crazyCoconuts730d ago

Right now there are two (Exodus & Wolf2) games in the PC GamePass I would otherwise have bought for $25-$45 each and sold back after playing them. As long as they can keep these new desirable games cycling in at that place I'll keep paying because it's saving me $$. Like when Gears or Halo come out I can play through their single player campaigns in a month or so and effectively end up paying $10 / game? That's a good deal

Nu730d ago

Game pass ultimate I got for $1 and I save my money

Sayai jin730d ago

Just picked up Metro Exodus from game pass. I got 2 years of Game Pass Ultimate for $2. Exodus alone is anywhere from $30-45.

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2pacalypsenow731d ago

Can someone list the games? I keep getting those damn “Lucky winner” spams

Sgt_Slaughter731d ago

Leaving Xbox Game Pass on June 27th:

Next Up Hero

Leaving Xbox Game Pass on June 30th:

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Zombie Army Trilogy
Shadow Complex Remastered

Tazzy731d ago

Use Firefox and get the adblocker add on it works for me I don't get pop ups or ads.

optimus730d ago

....or he can just look at the tagged games under the headline, that's usually a good indicator as to what games they are referring and he won't have to click anything.

Profchaos730d ago (Edited 730d ago )

Leaving Xbox Game Pass on June 27th

Next Up Hero
Leaving Xbox Game Pass on June 30th

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Zombie Army Trilogy
Shadow Complex Remastered

Melankolis730d ago

I still don't know how the devs make money on Gamepass. Do they get paid by MS for a period of time and then out (or extended)?

BLow730d ago

That's a good question. I'm sure one of the business experts can answer that for you. I would love to see that explanation especially since they are literally giving this away for $1 for months.

TGGJustin730d ago

They are most likely getting paid a fixed amount of money by Microsoft to be on Game Pass for a certain amount of time. Pretty much the same way PS+ and GWG are handled.

Promachos730d ago

...or you you can buy any game you want before the deal ends (ooops Optimus dude i'm sorry man no no noooooo)