Come Together: What The Beatles' Rock Band Game Means for the Music Industry

Matthew Miller writes:

"As I'm sure you've heard, The Beatles are coming to Rock Band. The Fab Four announced Thursday they will be making their digital debut via a partnership with MTV and Harmonix, which looks to see the band featured in its own exclusive Rock Band title, slated for a holiday 2009 release. Of course, this is a major announcement for a plethora of reasons. The most important reason is hidden underneath the surface of this monstrous musical development."

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TomMcBaum4056d ago

"....a young generation of music listeners has gone years without having the opportunity to listen to one of the greatest bands of all time." Yes, those poor, poor Luddites who have never heard a radio or listened to a CD.


"there is a definitive demographic which has not yet listened to The Beatles, simply because their music is not available in digital format." News flash: It is available -- just not available for legal purchase with DRM infection.

Heldrasil4056d ago

I think that the younger generations might be a bit more into their own genres that they and their friends listen to and not something that their grandparents listen to. Sure, they were great musicians, but even now in my early 30's I have never had a desire to listen to these guys, and for me personally this would drive me away from purchasing this.