Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference - A rather solid but not so spectacular E3 show

"In overall, I think Xbox’s E3 2019 briefing was a rather solid press conference, but nothing spectacular was shown really. Nevertheless, the show made me hungry for more." - Brendon Morris, TGG.

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calactyte418d ago

I watched it and respectfully, I disagree. It wasn't solid. Microsoft needed to come out guns blazing with a whole bunch of AAA titles. Instead we got, Gears 5, Forza and Halo. I feel like you can say that every other year with Microsoft. The best thing they showed was Cyberpunk. I own all the systems and I really wanted Xbox to crush it. They didn't. Also Sony seemed to have stolen their thunder prior to E3 with the PS5 specs announcement. I guess I just expected more. It was quite underwhelming.

TGG_overlord417d ago

"A rather solid but not so spectacular E3 show", key word "RATHER". In other words, there was a lot of room for improvements. Imo, MS blow their chance, and Sony could come at them big time due to this blunder of theirs.