Devolver Digital’s E3 2019 press conference - The most entertaining press conference at E3 again

"I didn't think that it was humanly possible for Devolver Digital to roll out an even better press conference than they did in back in 2018. Well, I was wrong, because Devolver Digital rocked E3 2019 like a boss." - Justin Ortiz-Burrowm, TGG

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BrianOBlivion415d ago

I agree. It was easily my favourite E3 "conference'" but damn, that endless "First Ever 3rd Or 4th E3 Pre-Pre Show!" devolved (yes, intended) very quickly into madness and misery.
It was like an all-access cable channel set up in an insane asylum.

TGG_overlord415d ago

Devolver Digital more or less single handedly saved E3 yet again imo...

ZeekQuattro415d ago

Devolver Digital feels like a random Adult Swim show that airs late at night. I love it.