No Man’s Sky’s fans bought a billboard outside the Hello Games office to say thanks

No Man’s Sky has come a long way since its launch in August 2016. Almost three years of hard work by the modest indie developer Hello Games has added such content and features as base building, vehicles, a far more robust story, co-operative multiplayer, and much more. VR support and a multiplayer overhaul are expected soon. The game is almost unrecognisable from its launch state, and its Reddit community has found a touching way to say ‘thank you’.

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Abnor_Mal670d ago

Well bless their hearts, that was nice of them.

TheProfessional670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

They're already making millions after completely misleading everyone about what the game would be at launch. What's next, a billboard outside of Bethesda when/if they fix fallout 76 or anthem?

Vanfernal670d ago

The billboard would look something like this:


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TheOptimist670d ago

The thing is.... EA and Bethesda are AAA companies. This was an indie game which Sony marketed. No one knows if Sean was made to say the stuff, but considering where they are, I would give their next game a chance.

Betehsda and EA are famous for ruining everything they touch. Except maybe Respawn, Tango and Arkane (Till now anyways)

BlkMonk-EKing670d ago

The fact that they have spent the last 3 years adding more content for free, that kinda gives the redemption they deserve. Has Bethesda even updated there game engine ? No they haven't so why compare the two

demonicale670d ago

No it doesn't, they lied to me and I had to get a refund through my bank. I don't expect to be lied to like that! it might be ok for you, but it isn't for me!

RabbitFly670d ago

@demonicale They lied to you? How so?

JackBNimble670d ago

They haven't even move on to other projects, they have continued to support nms over the last 3 years , I'll give them credit .
There's another big update coming and vr is part of it , that alone is going to blow the top off.

Hello games has my support

execution17670d ago

They're working on The Last Campfire which is supposed to be a short indie game

bluefox755670d ago

They worked their asses off to right their wrongs and make their customers happy. Why can't we see that as a good thing, and celebrate it on the rare occasion that it actually happens?

RabbitFly670d ago

And how did they mislead everyone about what the game would be at launch?

The game is probably a lot better now then it was at launch. But it also much further away from what the game was presented as before launch. Most of the allegations of misleading marketing are straight up lies about subjectively percieved elements of the game. Which is also why they won in court when sued over the allegation.

Elwenil669d ago

Don't be "that guy", it just makes you look incredibly stupid. Sean Murray's lies, straight from his mouth in video taped interviews, are very well documented and easily found in a simple search on YouTube.

RabbitFly669d ago

They are absolutely not. Every proclaimed lie have been documented as falsehoods. Even to the point where it was proven in a court of law. But be that guy. Keep spouting hyperbolic Lies just because it is popular.

Elwenil669d ago

You are a fucking idiot fanboy. Here is an easy to find example in AJ's review:

Have fun trying to spin this, you moron.

RabbitFly668d ago

And linking a video by overly hyperbolic Angry Joe proves absolutely nothing. The fact that so many think one can use Angry Joe of all people as a reference for truth is absolutely beyond me. He is a youtuber that thinks he has a critical eye, but all he seemingly does is try to get hits out of creating controversies out of hyperbole. I mean this is a pretty simple formula. And it's fair. Sometimes he hits on some good points. But this whole idea that Angry Joe is some kind of authority is just laughable to me.

And stop pretending you know me. I don't even like the game. It's just that I can accept that the game was not made for me, and that our perception of quality is subjective. So just because I bought something that I did not like. I don't hold people responsible for my own "bad" decisions.

But yea. I am still waiting for anyone to come up with an example that is not based on a hyperbolic youtube video.

Elwenil668d ago

Watch the video, moron. The fact that AJ made it is irrelevant since it is just a convenient video that has all of Sean Murray's lies on tape edited in one place. He lied, plain and simple, get over it and stop all this whining and crying.

RabbitFly668d ago

None of the supposed lies in that video are consequential to gameplay. And if you had bothered to read the reddit post that the segment in the video is based on you would have realized that most of it is subjective and not objective.

In example. Most of the complaints are about the lack of depth in gameplay systems. Ship classes, factions and trading in particular. I am not disputing that the game is shallow. I am disputing whether one can consider something as subjective as perceived depth as a lie. And that is the problem with most of the arguments. The systems in No Man's Sky at launch has enough depth to fit within every point that was mentioned during the pre-launch marketing. Just not enough to be considered deep for people that expected this game to be a space sim, more a kin to X3, Elite or Freelancer. But that was never the game No Man's Sky was supposed to be. I mean even the title says it pretty clear. This is a game about isolation, it was always intended to be that and the plan never deviated from that.

Most of the other things that are complained about would have no consequential effect on gameplay. So while it is sad that the game perhaps did not live up as the universe simulation many hoped it would be, it does not change anything about how the game is played.

Multiplayer is usually the big one people point out. Yet the game was never marketed as a multiplayer game. And even though Sean would reiterate this ad nauseam. People just ignored it because they wanted to believe the lies they kept telling themselves.

The game was always marketed as a game about solitary exploration within a procedurally generated universe, with procedurally generated planets, fauna and wild life. All of those things were in the game at launch.

So I ask again. What lie did Sean Murray tell that somehow gave people the wrong impression about what kind of game this was supposed to be? And keep in mind. They had to defend themselves in a court of law and they won.

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TengHu670d ago

First off: we as humans lie on a daily basis. We shouldn’t throw stones.

Second: he didn’t say there was multiplayer. We as a community assumed that there was. He is, however, responsible because he never denied the claim.

Third: he and his team more than made up for their falsehood. We now have full multiplayer, bases, vehicles, underwater biomes, side quests, and with BEYOND, things can only get better.

Forgive the man already.

RabbitFly669d ago

He repeatadly tried to clarify that the game was not a multiplayer game. He almost literally said it in every interview he did after the initial reveal.

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esherwood670d ago

Kinda torn on that one. The guy blatantly lied but the game is currently pretty descent...

cell989670d ago

I feel like by now they’ve redeemed themselves

demonicale670d ago

You don't redeem yourself after that.

Vanfernal670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

I don't think they lied as much as they over promised. And they've been working non stop since release to realize their vision with a little team. Fallout 76 to me just seemed like a quick buck without thinking things through. Anthem is just on a class of its own. That was just a web of lies and deceit that I'm sure will lead to the team abandoning the game and cutting their losses.

Imalwaysright670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

They went to E3 and showed "gameplay" footage of the game that was not real. They lied.

RabbitFly670d ago

Show me one example of how he lied?

And please don't come with the overused multiplayer excuse. He made one side remark about mp at the initial reveal. Spent every interview since then downplaying it. Being super clear about the game not being an actual multiplayer game.

People kept lying to themselves about what the game was supposed to be and when it turned out it was not, despite the information being available to them. They cried foul. Despite the fact that they really only had themselves to blame.

StoneyYoshi670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

Does everyone forget about how this team of roughly what... 5 people lost basically all of their equipment during development of this game due to a huge flood in their town? This could have been a reason as to why the game released in the state that it did. Thankfully Sony came to help but Sonys money cant fix everything that they potentially lost. Creating basically everything they had made for this game was made from scratch if they lost any of that, they probably had to start all over. They came back pretty well after that situation they had been put through.

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KwietStorm_BLM670d ago

Well that's a nice gesture. With the beating those guys took, any bit of gratitude is probably a big deal.

Abnor_Mal670d ago

The gratitude, you mean?

demonicale670d ago

I mean they deserved the beating! They released a product and bare faced lied to the customers.

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