Obsidian on The Outer Worlds: "we're all about giving choice"

The Outer Worlds will look to retain Obsidian's storytelling identity, and the developers are keen to avoid any New Vegas-like bugs.

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tochi34d ago

But they took EPIC money to eliminate the choice.

Notellin34d ago

To be fair they were independent at the time and their money troubles are well documented. In fact without these deals who knows if they would have made it long enough to be purchased by Microsoft.

But definitely only think about yourself and not an independent developer trying to stay afloat to take care of their employees.

Poopmist34d ago

It's another free launcher. It's a minor inconvenience if anything. Obsidian was tanking financially after Pillars 2 sold so little.

HusbandAndWifeGaming34d ago

The last game of theirs I will ever play. Hopefully it will be as good as it looks.

ElementX34d ago

You're a bitter person. Life is too short to have that kind of attitude

Lord_Belasco34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Try to work on those jarringly bad animations first. They should be embarrassed.