Xbox 360 To Break Your Wallet In November

Though PS3 and Wii owners have a handful of games to keep an eye on, Xbox 360 players are going for broke this month.

A quick glance at the Xbox 360 release calendar in November proves there is something for everyone, namely shooters, action/adventure, and platformers.

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sonarus4055d ago

LMFAO @ going for broke. Why would you want to spend money buying flops. Only exclusive game on that list that isn't a flop is gears of war 2. L4D is better on PC mirrors edge better on PS3 and price of persia is leading on PS3 so hope its not better too.

2008 is the yr of the Xflop

Maxned4055d ago

What flops...?

Read the definition of "Flop" please. It means "complete failure."

Name on flop on the 360.

Dont say Gears of War 2. Don't say Fable 2. They are both AAA games.

TheMART4055d ago

Nice fangirl defending but pointless.

All multiplats that also have a PC version, have the highest res version on the PC. Fallout 3 also. Would that make you not buy Fallout 3 for PC? Oh wait the better versions of multiplats are on 360 if you look at the consoles only... Right... Bioshock same story... The Orange Box also, jees that's 3 games AAA over 9 out of 10 rated that look and run better on the 360 then on the PS3

It's like this:

Lead 360 --> port PS3 game sucks
Lead PS3 --> port 360 game looks equal

See PS3 fans allways loose. Buying flops is only possible on the PS3 you see? Flop of the year 2007: Lair. FLop of the year 2008: Haze, just scored above a 5 out of 10.

And learn to read. 360 owners can go broke this month because they go and buy Gears 2, Left 4 Dead (PS3 doesn't get it now), Shaun White Snowboarding, COD5 and probably another game.

2008 still Haze FOTY only possible on the Flopstation 3!

DavidMacDougall4055d ago

Says the guy who wrote a whole bunch of sh!t i didn't even read

ReTarDedFisHy4055d ago

Lead PS3 games are becoming better now :}
Like Dead Space, they ditched the 360 being lead, and went onto PS3 and made a much better game, with superior visuals on the PS3.

Oh, and uhh... CoD5 and Shaun White Snowboarding are coming on PS3... WTF Mart? That leaves Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead for you guys.
I'll be picking up L4D on PC.
November for the PS3 has Resistance 2, Naruto: UNS and the new Alone in the Dark (which actually sucks btw, no difference really, none from the demo) Also the BioShock DLC and Valkryia Chornicles. And you could also count Motorstorm 2 and LBP as they were released very late November.

BattleAxe4055d ago

The title of the article should read as: MANY XBOX 360S TO BREAK THIS HOLIDAY, BETTER PULL OUT YOUR WALLET.

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wil4hire4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

* Gears of War 2
* Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
* You're in the Movies

I guess 360 owners dont have money? Banjo Kazooie is only 30 dollars. and all the other multiplat games pc/ps3 owners will be buying? This is a joke right

did u guys buy a console just to play multiplats or what? lol.

Guitarded4055d ago

Also some excellent first party games. Thank you for asking

thebudgetgamer4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )


a poor gamer but a gamer none the less

Socom4055d ago

Not one game listed, are MUST haves.

Not one. So conclusion: not broke. Not at all.

Perjoss4055d ago

All you silly gamers saying you are or will be broke, noobs, by now you should know the drill, start saving some cash starting from january 'cos you know from october onwards its going to be release city!

do you guys also sit down for a long gaming session without taking a pee or eating something? c'mon this is all taught in basic training at gamer school!!1

SonyOwnsNextYear4055d ago

Those are exclusives? lol......*puts r2 disc inside magical black box"

wallace10004055d ago

"did u guys buy a console just to play multiplats or what? lol."
What did you mean by the above comment? I am not buying Gears 2 right away because i am playing Fallout 3 and there is nothing wrong with multi-platform games.

prowiew4054d ago

My wallet will be fine. Just gears for me.

Xelai4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Recently I have bought or will buy for my 360 ( multiplay goes to that console beacuse of quality and DLC )

Dead Space
Fallout 3
Fable II
Gears of War 2
Left 4 Dead
Mirror's Edge

Thinking of buying

Tomb Raider
Scene It

I have to buy for my Wii some title my girlfriend asked for

My PS3 the last game I bought for it was MGS4, I am thinking of buying LBP, or perhaps Resistance 2, but sincerely after the money I will spend surely in other games how I am going to buy those two games? LBP could be justified, but another shooter? No thanks.

So, yes, I have mywallet empty, and I can say I have a good enough job to allow for heavy spending.

SonyOwnsNextYear4054d ago



"i make alot of money, but im broke"

kind throws your whole rant out the window.

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wil4hire4055d ago

Live in the past boy, thats all you can ever look forward to. Every single 360 exclusive this year has flopped on its face with the exception of Gears2. Fable was supposed to be 10/10 and it flopped hard.

PS3 development is superior as you've pointed out. With the ps3 you can make equally running games for multiplats. Thanks for proving the point.

Incase you just started gaming this generation.. Gaming is about the good exclusives because they show the consoles power, Multipalats are always supposed to be equal.

Only working on the gimped 360 provides you with code that new technology cant even run.

I know because the only good games on the 360 = Gears and multiplats you guys love to revolve around them. But, lol... MGS4 puts any 360 exclusive to shame. As does Little Big planet, thats all out this year. isntead of good games, you get to argue over which developer knew how to code on the 360 or not better with the same performing same scoring game. Although the ps3 has bonus content.

key words

THIS YEAR. When people will be buying games, cant do anything about the past. the 360 is getting killed worldwide, especially in japan where the Ps3 just sold 30,000--------30,000 copies to add to its 2 million lead.

You should honestly stay in the past, because you guys are just getting 100% owned this year. And absolutely NOTHING out in febuary or january.

all you can do is hope that a 360 version of alan wake might show its face in 2010, and the rest of the multiplats like army of two.



XBL still costs money right?

ReTarDedFisHy4055d ago

No need to own Mart that bad. You'll cut him deep. :'(

Mr Fancy Pants4055d ago

very good comment. too bad you only have one bubble so here, take one.

it sounds like a very fanboyims comment but everything he says has weight.

CivilArgument064055d ago

I'll give u LBP, but don't tell me Fable 2 flopped, 90% on Meta, Resistance 2 got 89% so far and that's with many more reviews for Fable. By your ignorant logic, Resistance flopped, something I don't believe. Lets Compare this Holiday Season, Three major exclusives for 360 are Gears of War 2, Fable 2, and Left For Dead. Fable 2 is 90% on Meta, and Gears is 94%, pretty good, and if Left For Dead, and award winning game gets its expected reviews, the 360 will have another 90%+ title. Compare this to Sony's big Holiday Three, SOCOM, LBP, and Resistance. SOCOM was a half-assed game that you guys should be pissed about. LBP was a triumph, and Resistance was and is great game.
If we compare 360's potential 3 90%+ to PS3's three games then we have a pretty tight race, but a race where 360 obviously has the edge. Add to this the whole crap load of third party support that the 360 has, and yes 360 owners will be broke.
You dig?

ultimolu4055d ago

...I think I heard Mart crying in a corner. o_o
*carefully sets asides tissues for eyes*

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Born2BK1NG4055d ago

Everything on that list was pretty good, it has something for everyone.

TrevorPhillips4055d ago

my wallet is already empty all i have in it is a pic of my family and my license lol :)

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