Who cares who won E3, when we’re the ones that are losing?

TSA writes: "E3 2019 was always destined to feel like a subdued outing for the biggest gaming event of the year. With the impending death of this console generation – pour one out for the already worm-ridden Vita and Wii U – the industry’s development teams have seemingly begun to move on, with plenty of big players hunkering down and disappearing from view."

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phoenixwing5d ago

People please read the article first before commenting.

darthv725d ago (Edited 5d ago )

"We wanted carnage, we wanted drama, and what we got was an admin update from HR."

You do know that is NOT what this gen MS is about right.... right? The carnage and drama is all fanboy talk. These companies are companies who can respect each other. When you say that you expected MS to go for the jugular you do that from the only perspective you know... the outside looking in.

MS respects sony and Nintendo and they dont have any reason to "attack while the other is down". That is just bad business practice and something left over from the Ballmer administration days. Seriously its time to let the console war go and just focus on the games for these systems more so than the drama surrounding your favorite piece of plastic.

As far as the future of gaming goes, it really depends on if you are a player or a collector. Players just want to play so they go where the games are and it helps if they are all at one low price. Subscription services may be a detriment to those who see games as an investment (collectors) but it makes perfect sense to those who dont care about ownership and just want to play. Just like those who dont buy music or movies but instead stream from pandora or watch hulu and netflix.

phoenixwing5d ago


I didn't write the article. I just didn't want people worrying over fanboy wars when the article is talking about how subscription services dilute the quality of games after awhile and how in that way we're losing E3.

Phoenix765d ago

Guy hits the nail on the he'd when he says the gaming industry is getting stagnant and the number of services everyone is offering (psn, psNow, Xbl, Xb Game pass, switch online, uplay+, EA origin, etc etc and more services to come from Google) will only damage things more in long run.

Cueil5d ago

The cream will rise t the top

Phoenix765d ago

The problem with cream is that it eventually it goes off too.

Cueil4d ago

Pretty good counter to that anology

sprinterboy5d ago

Agreed, all I see us gamers doing is signing up and cancelling subscriptions each month depending on the game?
I won't be signing up to any subscription service for 12mths but I will sign up for a month or 2 then cancel once Ive payed the only game they offer I'm interested In, we're gonna be joining and cancelling subscription services left, right and centre.

phoenixwing5d ago

I buy ps plus already. Im not adding more subs ill play my backlog or buy the games outright. Tired of all the subs bs but there will be more before its over with.

JackBNimble5d ago

So if you don't want to pay for subscriptions and services then don't, it's pretty simple.
I doubt anything we do is going to change the industry but I'm going to keep buying the games I love.

rainslacker5d ago

It could lead to a crash if these companies put too much emphasis on these things, and ignore other markets that are available. As it is now, they are really targeting new markets, so if that market crashed, then it won't affect the traditional markets too much.

Shiken5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

SE was good and Nintendo just destroyed everyone. So no, it was not a complete loss for gamers pending on what you were excited for.

Everything else was either a let down or absolutely sucked however.

rchris5d ago

Did you take the time to read the article? That wasn't the point of this piece at all...

Shiken5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

No I did not. So that would be part my fault and part the poorly chosen title.

But yes, I should have read the article.

HeisenbergX5d ago

Nintendo didnt destroy anything :)) and i read comments like yours every year after Ninty’s direct .. i mean come on people stop please , the direct was bland imo.

HeisenbergX5d ago

But i should point out while i didn’t like the Ninty’s direct it was however one of the better shows this E3 cause they showed actual gameplay.

Shiken5d ago

You do not like Nintendo as you comment history suggests, so of course you would claim it is bland lol.

HeisenbergX5d ago

@Shiken aghhh here we go my comment history .. you mean where i hope my dream of 3d Mario games getting remasterd on the Switch ?? or my crticism of Nintendo cause the had no games for more than 6 months since SSB Ultimate and makes me think why i bought this console at all ?

Minus2trill5d ago

I definitely agree E3 overall was bland but nintendo n and SE was the go to conferences with them it would been a total wash out

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