Message to Parents: Shut up and do your job! Part 2

Iran White writes:

Some horribly sad news was recently released. 15 year old Brandon Crisp of Canada has been found dead after having running away in mid-October.

Even sadder still, the reason according to his parents that this happened is that the boy was angry with them for taking away his Xbox 360 and Call of Duty 4 game because his grades were sliding.

My heart goes out to Brandon's parents. It really does. My heart sank a bit when I first heard the news, because it really is horrible beyond belief.

However, amidst my heartache that this has happened, and my attempting to understand what these parents must be going through, I can't help but shake my head once again at the outright lack of responsibility and finger pointing that continues to plague gaming.

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CertifiedGamer3636d ago

the kid commited suicide for how bad the warranty was that when the parents had to ship it to microsoft for the 5 time over rrod problems to get the xbox360 back in the next 6 month again he went crazy and commited suicide.
I blame the cheap parents who bought him a xbox360 instead of a ps3 this would have easily been avoided.

Born2BK1NG3636d ago

Your not funny dumb ass...

TheDuke773636d ago

Do you really need to be such a knob, so soon. They just found his body today, show some f'n compassion. And no one is really blaming video games. the article says - “It’s still being analyzed a little further, but at this point we have no reason to believe there is any connection to date between the Xbox and his disappearance,” Sgt. Goodbrand

So try to think before YOU start blowing things out of proportion.
p.s. your a d1ck

TruthbeTold3636d ago

and the media have been blaming the game and the addiction since day one. Why don't you do a little research rather than making an ass out of yourself. Not to mention that great care was taken with this article to have compassion toward their loss. You obviously didn't read it.

360WINS3636d ago

you'll never hear a black kid doing things like that at all; if so name one incident? that a black kid or person running away from home because parents took away his xbox or ps3? or commiting suicide or shooting his parents or school. not saying he did any of the last 3?
white parents are so SOFT when it comes to parenting their kids.not saying blacks are any better but to some aspects they are though.just a thought, dont start your rally's on this please.

TruthbeTold3636d ago

This kid did all of the stuff in this video because his grandma wouldn't buy his fat ass some chicken wings. Kids are kids. Bad parenting is bad parenting. Race doesn't matter much when it comes to that.

Mahr3636d ago

If there is any message in all of this, it's that parents should never try to separate children from videogames.

Mahr3636d ago

I'm just saying: when someone goes on the news with a story like "Our son was *addicted* to videogames and when we took them away from him he ran away", well, the only conclusion that can be drawn from that story is that they really shouldn't have taken the videogames away.

I don't really see how one can blame videogames if it's their lack thereof that leads to tragedy.

TruthbeTold3636d ago

I see. Well, that's one way to turn the argument around.

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