Editorial: Square Enix Truly Delivered at this E3

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Thinking back at last year’s E3 to this year’s festivities was almost night and day for Square Enix. Last year was a return for the Japanese developer at the Los Angeles gaming trade-show which was met with a lackluster reception as even their big reveals couldn’t save the presentation. This year, however, was completely different and not only that Square Enix was able to deliver on an exciting presentation with some great new titles, but they were also able to knock it out of the park."

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mkis0075d ago

I like this picture of Cap. I just don't like his unhelmeted head.

chiefJohn1175d ago

I wonder why? 🙄. GET OVER IT THEY'RE NOT GONNA LOOK LIKE THE ACTORS FROM THE MOVIES. You people are getting on my nerves about that.

mkis0075d ago

They look generic. Cmon. I dont think that about bruce wayne from arkaham series or peter from spiderman or the ultimate alliance characters.

Has nothing to do with not looking like their movie counterparts. They dont have character.

AK915d ago

Damn Straight never in a million years would I have ever thought Square Enix would be my fav E3 presser but here we are.