Square Enix President Comments On Final Fantasy VII Remake Potentially Going Cross-Gen

No official announcements have been made, but it seems like Square Enix is preparing for the game to make the jump to new-gen consoles.

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Eonjay1860d ago

This is blatantly obvious. Simply by virtue that PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4. So it works on Next Gen out the box with all of the enhancements that next gen would automatically afford.

VenomUK1860d ago

In time I think it likely Square Enix will want to bring this ambitious and expensive game to Xbox and PC. However the question asked is not whether it will come to other platforms but whether it will come to new-gen consoles. The answer he gives could be interpreted, at first instance, to mean it will be coming to this generation, PS4 and next generation, PS5.

Prince-Ali1860d ago

I mean aren't practically all exclusives expensive to make but 3rd party exclusives still exist lool... so that's a pretty weak reason for believing it's coming to Xbox especially with the amount of times its been shot shown... simply put it'll hopefully come to more platforms because we hope it will.. its honestly as simple as that.

mikeslemonade1860d ago

Should be PS5 only and make it Turn Based.

Not this Kingdom Hearts shovelware.

KwietStorm_BLM1860d ago

Definitely has nothing to do with bringing this ambitious game to Xbox and PC but let's just squeeze that in there anyway.

pietro12121860d ago

You really need to learn the definition of shovelware, and it plays nothing like Kingdom Hearts.

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pietro12121860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

I wouldn't mind seeing the future titles eventually releasing in the PS5

Kurisu1860d ago

Yep, it's obvious. I can't wait. If the Final Fantasy VII Remake looks this good on PS4 then imagine how good it's going to look on PS5. Has there been any confirmation if the recent footage was captured on an original PS4 or a PS4 Pro?

TheColbertinator1860d ago

I'm hoping to see footage of it running on the new Xbox personally

GrubsterBeater1859d ago


“I'm hoping to see footage of it running on the new Xbox personally”

Well, once the new XBox comes out, you will easily be able to pull up YouTube or Twitch and stream a walkthrough of the game played on a PlayStation.

Double_O_Revan1860d ago

Considering this is only the first piece of the remake and it's going to take years to complete the set, it's not even a question.

criticalkare1860d ago

Yeah i think part 2 is cross gen and beyond that is PS5 title

Applejack1860d ago

That wouldn’t make much sense.

TacoTaco1860d ago

Neither does breaking one game into however many, but here we are.

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