Bungie is 'absolutely' interested in Destiny 2 cross-play, but not for awhile yet

Bungie confirmed in last week's big Shadowkeep announcement that cross-save—the ability to carry one player account across multiple platforms—is coming to Destiny 2. Yesterday, Destiny general manager Mark Noseworthy said that Bungie is also very interested in implementing cross-play—enabling people on different platforms to actually play together—but that's something for further down the road.

Kribwalker3d ago

Nice. I think i’m getting Shadowkeep this fall. looks great. would love crossplay too

lellkay3d ago

I think crossplay would be huge for Destiny. Shame Bungie aren't able to get it going anytime soon.

rockwhynot2d ago

This IP is lame. I bet Starfield will be better.

Circuitburnout2d ago

Really not sure how they could get around the performanced gap between mouse/keyboard vs analog sticks. Not an issue with PvE but a real problem in PvP. Unless they force everyone in PVP to use controllers?