Final Fantasy VII Remake Can Unite Turn-Based and Action JRPG Fans | Twinfinite

Ed writes: Final Fantasy VII Remake has had purists of the original game worried for lots of reasons, but after playing it, we feel better about a few problems.

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Docmortem2d ago

The battle system is not much different from Final Fantasy 15 ... don't know where all the praise come from all of a sudden. Maybe it is a bit more refined but basically it is a "press one button to attack - press another to block - press a third to dodge and throw a skill when ever the ATB has recharged" kinda system. Which is the system of KH 1-3 and Final Fantasy 15. The tactical pause was also already in FF 15 ... so if you wanna get an impression ... play that game.

lellkay2d ago

This article needs a serious proof read. It hurts to read it.