BioWare Asked Influencers for Anthem Feedback at EA Play & Ignored Hundreds of Actual Gamers

At EA Play, BioWare seeked feedback for Anthem from "influencers" but not from the actual gamers who were playing their game. The community is not happy with this development and has made it known.

UltraNova2d ago

Yeah...of all the people to ask they went for "influencers"... Modern social media and their self-promoters, where are we headed?

MajorLazer2d ago

"Influencers" 🤮 The only ones they influence are the stupid

Christopher2d ago

How I read this: At EA Play, BioWare asked influencers how to market their game instead of asking gamers what they want out of the game.

XiNatsuDragnel3d ago

Really guys, don't stop shooting themselves in the foot

2pacalypsenow3d ago

It's EA, are people really surprised?

donttakethesteamtray3d ago

Bioware SOUGHT feedback. Journalists these days my goodness.

Chexs19902d ago

"journalists" ... There, fixed it for ya ;)

Darkborn3d ago

Why does this not surprise anyone? It's kinda the way it is with most devs though. They believe that youtubers speak for the majority and they are supposed to. The problem lies in some influences are terrible at some games or don't care as much as real fans.

excaliburps2d ago

Dunno. If I was in their position and I saw a ton of actual anthem players at an event, I'd ask them first or at least send out a survey? Or hand pick a select few. Just weird that you'd seek influencers first. How can these same people influence people to buy Anthem when the player base is angry or upset 90 percent of the time?

Just a total lack of common sense from BioWare.

arkard2d ago

I think the idea is, you get influencers to like the game and they blow it up by talking about how great it is and streaming it more often.

rainslacker2d ago

Many people parrot what YouTubers say is good or bad.

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