Get Xbox Game Pass for free for up to 3 years

If you follow these steps, you can turn a 1-Month $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deal into up to 36 months of Xbox Game Pass for free.

porkChop1862d ago

That's actually a pretty great promo. Up to 36 months for $1.

roadkillers1861d ago

I dont have an xbox and I dont want one, but with this streaming service can I play on PC? Like a shatty PC? I seen Stadia let's you play on Phone, but I want to try Gears, Halo, and play Conker again one day..

porkChop1861d ago

It doesn't stream games, sorry. If your PC is capable enough you can download the games to your PC and play them.

DaDrunkenJester1861d ago

Well once they roll out XCloud you can, but that's likely going to be a different subscription when it launches.

mikeslemonade1861d ago

Yep got my 3 years at $150. I bought 3 years of xbox live gold from Costco and converted it to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Mark my words, Microsoft has already won this generation with the newly added studios, partners, gamepass, and xcloud.

1861d ago
Critic4l_Strik31861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

So...Microsoft won this gen with services, late-gen studio acquisitions, a currently in-development game service and not games or console sales?... Got it!

mikeslemonade1861d ago

Lol this gen is over. I shouldn’t have to preface that I meant next gen. Hence the “ms has ALREADY won this gen”

SierraGuy1861d ago

^either way Mike your very wrong.

mikeslemonade1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Nope^. 2012 E3 I said Sony won already with the PS4.

mikeslemonade1861d ago

I was right that PS3 would outsell 360 too

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bluefox7551861d ago

Yeah, I have almost zero interest in Game Pass, but for that price, I feel like it'd be irresponsible of me to pass on a deal like that.

1860d ago
porkChop1861d ago

I'm not sure why you're getting disagrees. You're right. The headline isn't accurate.

rainslacker1861d ago

I wasn't trying to start anything. Just being silly over a technicality. Even though the deal itself does require spending more than $1.

Orionsangel1861d ago

There's loose change right now in my sofa that adds up to more than a dollar. A dollar might as well be free lol.

rainslacker1860d ago

If your sofa is that dirty you may wish to invest in a maid, instead of 3 years of a gaming service?

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roadkillers1861d ago

If Microsoft had a seperate stock for gaming, I'd be investing in them right now. Same with Sony. This Digital service is going to disrupt all of gaming consoles.

Atom6661861d ago

Ms stock saw a nice bump after e3. Look for Sony's to do the same by year's end.

Kribwalker1862d ago

i’m good till january 2022. bought the half price gamepass and live deals last june and november and now i’m set over a year into next gen

SierraGuy1861d ago

What if you walk outside and get hit by a bus?

Kribwalker1861d ago

“SierraGuy7h ago
What if you walk outside and get hit by a bus?”

weird question, but my kids and wife would be good till 2022 with gamepass still

shiva11859d ago

End of march 2022. I had it till 2021. Ordered from amazon for 1 year. I will redeem that code and will upgrade to ultimate. I think i wont buy games till then except HALO. Halo is instant/automatic purchase for me.
I will keep my eye on ultimate here after.

I seriously hope that this offer stays 24 hrs.

yomfweeee1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

I was able to snag an brand new X1X back in April for less than $200. On top of them trying to push their GamePass so hard, I've now got Game Pass Ultimate through 3/4/2022 and all I paid was for $1 for 3 months of GamePass, $90 for two years of Gold, and then $1 for this Ultimate deal.

So, getting an X1X and all their the Xbox exclusives (plus a lot more free games) for less than $300 total for almost the next 3 years to compliment my PS4 is a pretty sweet deal.

spicelicka1861d ago

Agreed! People get so hung up over their choice of Xbox/PS4 they don't realize that for a reasonable price you can own both and enjoy the best of both worlds, it really is awesome.

shuvam091861d ago

X1X for $200???
What sorcery is this???