Who Won E3 2019? Every Conference Ranked

Ed writes: Who won E3 2019? Let's look back at the press conferences from Ubisoft, Bethesda, Square Enix, Microsoft and Nintendo and rank them all.

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ABizzel1470d ago

Nintendo and Square. No one really had a bad E3, but no one really had an amazing E3 IMO either, however, Nintendo and Square had plenty of games, new announcements, and gameplay galore.

mikeslemonade468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Microsoft 1st and Nintendo 2nd. The other conferences aren’t near the same level. If you don’t agree with that then you don’t know what your talking about. Microsoft has literally won next gen already and is in the driver’s seat by dictating how next gen will be operated.

Square, that Final Kingdom Hearts 7 should be turn based. It’s only one game. FFVIII is my personal favorite FF, but sorry that’s not enough. Microsoft is attacking next gen in almost every possible way you can do it.

Microsoft B+
Nintendo C- (Breath of the Box Puzzle 2 is not a true Zelda).

Foxhound922468d ago

MS was not number 1. The only thing worth noting is Keanu being cast in a multiplatform game.

TheTony316468d ago

MS first? nice joke. Their best showing was Keanu Reeves and Cyberpunk. Next gen is going to be worse for Xbox. They have nothing new to offer games-wise and the brand is nowhere near as big as Playstation and Nintendo worldwide.

slate91468d ago

I agree that MS's show wasn't #1. But if TheTony316 thinks next gen xbox will be worse then he aint been paying attention.

mikeslemonade468d ago

Lol I’m meh about Cyberpunk and especially Keanu.

15 studios acquired since 2018, game pass getting better, pc game pass etc.

Microsoft won and this is coming from a Sony fan.

TheTony316468d ago

slate91 I'm paying attention, don't worry. MS made it perfectly clear that they don't care about consoles anymore. Xbox as a service and a brand will be fine, but their consoles are going to take a big hit.

Kribwalker468d ago


sony made it just as clear that consoles don’t matter. Theyve both announced a high end console, and yes even sony has stated that console-less streaming is gonna be big next gen. what with the deals they are making for the azure cloud , and sony even said it
“Speaking of PlayStation Now, Sony plans to use it to increase the addressable market for PlayStation whether potential users own a PlayStation console or not.”

MasterCornholio468d ago (Edited 468d ago )


Sony never said that consoles don’t matter. What they said in the article is that PlayStation now can increase the amount of users using PlayStation software whether they own a PlayStation or not. This doesn’t mean that consoles don’t matter because someone who buys a PlayStation console will in the end increase the market share and software sales that Sony has in the market.

And Sony still believes that the console will be the best place to play their games and any other experience will be inferior.

“Sony is planning “many other features” for the next-gen console on top of this, and they believe that the console will make PlayStation the “best place to play.” “

So yes Sony believes that consoles are still important and will be the best place to play games.

Do you even read trough the articles that you post or are you just “selectively “ reading the article to fit your narrative?

Kribwalker468d ago


And MS has stated how consoles are an important part of what they are doing going forward, yet people consistently say they are leaving the console game, and everyone saying MS doesn’t care about consoles anymore? Why would they make the scarlet then? they obviously still care about consoles,

the fact is, both companies are moving in the same direction when it comes to consoles and streaming, they both want you to buy their console, but are gonna provide you with a console less offering

Godmars290468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Amazing that you cite someone else for not "paying attention" when MS have bought studios and talked up game production many times before. From since the the mid-360 era where they were supposedly on top.

Listened to them talk about their next system, then heard them go on about streaming was going to be as if not more important. In the same breath.

slate91468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

Godmars, MS has not made moves like this in the past for the xbox brand - get out of here lol. The amount of studio acquisitions at once probably rival or exceed the amount they acquired/created when they announced the og xbox.

If we cant base our discussion of facts and truth we can't advance past petty things.

Godmars290468d ago (Edited 468d ago )

No, they've made moves exactly like this. The only difference the number of studios.

And just like all those other times, just as I'm accused of condemning it rather that calling out a repeat of history, no one can call automatic success without results. Games.

Facts require examples, evidence and past history. And MS has a past history of doing big things, making bold ambitious claims, and failing to deliver on them. Since OG Xbox.

Can they buck those trends? Of course. But they have to show proof that they'v done it.

JackBNimble467d ago

You obviously don't understand how to use the "literally ".

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CrimsonWing69468d ago

Square made E3 fun and really did the classic move of driving up the hype with developers coming out on stage, showing a trailer, and then demoing the game. This was one of the worst, if not THE worst, E3's I've seen.

meep316468d ago

its more just a gaming convention, Im sure its fun to go but dont expect to be blown away like we were years before youtube.

Eonjay468d ago

There is a reason why gameplay is king. In the end of the day it is all that really matters.

meep316468d ago

nintendo, but e3 isn't really that big a deal these days.

468d ago
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