Marvel’s Avengers is Marvel’s worst mistake in years

With the possible exception of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Marvel’s The Avengers was the biggest game Square Enix brought to E3 2019. It was even chosen to close out the publisher’s prime-time show. It’s not hard to understand why. We’ve had three record-breaking Avengers movies in the last seven years, but no proper Avengers game to sink our teeth into.

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slavish06d ago

I have to unfortunately agree. This was a awful second reveal.

solideagle5d ago

I personally think this game should have made by Platinum games because its an action game.

UltraNova5d ago

Or handed it to Insomniac as well. They are a big Studio able to handle two projects simultaneously.

oasdada5d ago

they shouldve just gone for sony.. spiderman is insomniac's most technically beautiful and most ambitious game and its no wonder how, because sony gave em the support they needed, now imagine an avengers game made by members of the sony first party studios like cap handled by a small team at naughty dog and thor by sony santamonica, spiderman by insomniac etc

fathertime44645d ago

Well thankfully Sony only owns the media rights for spider Man. I can not figure out for the life of me why people like you want games like this exclusive to Sony! There are studios that are just as good, if not better than insomniac.

RememberThe3575d ago

Sony owns the film rights, Disney owns everything else. That's why Spider-Man was with Activision for so long. If I'm not mistaken, Marvel went to Sony looking to set a standard for their games and Sony pointed them to Insomniac. Insomniac asked to make a Spider-Man game and Mavel let them. Sony's film rights were just coincidence.

fathertime44645d ago

You are nieve if you think Sony's ownership of the Spider-Man cinima rights has nothing to do with the Spider-Man game exclusivity. Disney cut a deal with Sony so that they could combine Spider-Man and the mcu, you don't think that that was part of Sony's deal?

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Thunder_G0d_Bane5d ago

I just don't get why everyone is so upset? What were the expectations?

I had no expectations cause i thought this game wouldn't work at all. But to hear its a online game like destiny now they've piqued my interest.

Not showing gameplay is the most annoying thing to me about the reveal. So much talk yet no action.

CorndogBurglar5d ago

I think people's expectations were that the characters would at least look presentable. The biggest problem is that they released a CGI trailer with no real gameplay. So right off the bat the only real thing to go off of is the character designs and graphics, which were both below par.

Then to hear the devs skirting around what the game really is. Like, why did they unveil this game 2 days ago and we still don't really know what it is. By all accounts it sounds like Destiny. But they still havent just come out and said that.

SenorFartCushion5d ago

From what I'm seeing, this seems to be only based on what the characters look like lol

There's gameplay in the trailer, looks to be appropriate. But outside of that, there isn't enough info to justify any love or hatred. It really just seems to be about how they look.

shaggy23035d ago


"Then to hear the devs are skirting around what the game really is, why did they unveil this game 2 days ago and we still don't really know what it is"

Maybe they are taking a leaf out of Hideo Kojimas book.

Lilrizky5d ago

@corndogburglar that wasnt cgi that was in engine. you could tell by the aliasing on the hair of thor in particular.

and the gameplay previews described the gameplay as what we saw in the trailer.

DaDrunkenJester5d ago

So turns out there is a full story mode for single player and the MP "Destiny" type stuff is end game content. The combat is also much better looking than in this trailer.

rainslacker5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

As of now, I haven't seen game play, and I'm still a bit confused about what kind of game it is...although there seem to be a couple articles about it I will read sometime tonight.

I wasn't disappointed so much that they only did the CGI trailer, but right now, I feel I may be disappointed if it is a pure GaaS MP game. This is especially true after the excellent Spider-Man game, because I thought that may be more the route Marvel would want to take with it, as the Avengers has the most potential to start a Marvel Gaming Universe.

But, if it's pure GaaS, then my interest has pretty much died. I know some of these games claim to have these great stories behind them, but they are so cursory, because they aren't designed around a focused narrative, but around redundant and repetitive game play scenarios meant to be played over and over again, where the story is more a shallow attempt at giving someone a cursory idea of why they're doing it, but it ultimately doesn't matter what the outcome of that scenario is.

On top of that, GaaS might mean you don't even play the avengers, but get to play a class of characters, kind of like they did in DCUO. That's not really what I'd be going for in an avengers game. Could be co-op where each person picks their avenger to play, but then your game play is dependent on your team, and there is even less chance there is a story connection to the game play scenario, and even if they do a solo mode with AI characters, it means the in scenario story is usually still shallow.

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DaDrunkenJester5d ago

The reveal wasn't great, but the actual gameplay looks much better. The trailer didnt do it justice.

slavish05d ago

I wouldn't know they didn't show it

FallenAngel19846d ago

Its disturbing how MCU adjacent this game wants to be rather than forging its own identity

KwietStorm5d ago

Looks like a take on the West Coast Avengers to me. Only MCU thing I saw was the Avengers being in it.

LightofDarkness5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

The character designs, interactions and overall aesthetic are ripped straight from the MCU.

I grew up with these comics, I'm not some newbie who popped his Marvel cherry watching Iron Man or Avengers. I'm X-Men (Lee/Claremont) generation.

ShadowWolf7125d ago

@LighofDarkness Literally none of the designs are "ripped straight from the MCU". Especially not Cap.

LightofDarkness5d ago

They don't look like exact copies obviously, more like cheap stand-ins. They look remarkably similar, right down to the colour grading. Watch this: . The biggest difference is the faces, because obviously that would be silly (and expensive).

Captain America in particular is strikingly similar, especially the head gear. At first glance (without the side-by-side) you'd be forgiven for thinking they're the same design. The differences really only become apparent when they're being directly contrasted. If the above isn't evidence enough for you, then I don't know what to tell you.

rainslacker5d ago

I don't keep up on a lot of this stuff, but aren't there several universes in the comic universe?

And, I rarely see comic fans saying that something not diverging from the comics is a bad thing. usually it's the one thing they complain about most. Even small changes get nitpicked.

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ShadowWolf7125d ago

It... looks nothing like the MCU.

Which is actually what a lot of people are whining about on Twitter, funnily enough.

Snookies125d ago (Edited 5d ago )

"With the possible exception of Final Fantasy VII Remake"

What do you mean possible exception? There was no contest that FF:VII Remake was the biggest game shown at Square's conference. I still think this Avengers game could be a lot of fun, but it's not even comparable to the weight the FF:VII Remake carries behind it. That game is going to be something in its own league.

Jin_Sakai5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on Switch looks much better than this game. Who would’ve thought.

ShinRon5d ago

anyone who prefers gameplay to cinematics in games

ShadowWolf7125d ago

UA3 is a glorified mobile game, chill.

Ser5d ago

I'll take another Ultimate Alliance over this ass-looking normie bait.

ShadowWolf7125d ago

Imagine using "Normie" as an actual descriptor.

Ser5d ago

Imagine thinking the MCU is good.

ShadowWolf7124d ago

lmao this isn't even the MCU

Tho it is good.

Ser4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

As a moth to a flame, so a normie to the MCU. (It is MCU.)

ShadowWolf7123d ago

My guy I am neck deep in the comics.

And this is not the MCU.

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Inzo5d ago

I think if the character designs were better people would have felt a bid more optimistic about it. However I am not saying that they should look like the actors who played them.

equal_youth5d ago

Same for me. I dont know why but the Charakters look bland and somehow i can't quiete tell why. Had no Problem with Peter Parker in Spiderman btw. I will try to stay optimistic for the game nontheless, hopefully Crystal Dynamics hears our critisism.

Inzo5d ago

Yip, Thor and Captain America in particular look off.

Hardiman5d ago

To me their bodies are too bloated looking and their faces look like someone who I see out of shape, no a super hero!

rainslacker5d ago

Thor did look off, and I didn't like Captain America much. Not enough it'd make me avoid the game, or complain it isn't enough like, or too different from some other iteration of the characters. Biggest thing that stood out for me was Thor's voice. The rest, just isn't stuff that's that important to me. I know that if the game is good, I can come to like it for it's own merits, and such things are things that I grow accustomed to.

anonymousfan5d ago

My biggest concern isn't so much character designs as my fear of this game being multiplayer centric... I would have preferrer a strong single player narrarive a la spiderman.