Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu Reeves' role will be major

From GameWatcher: "Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077 was a surprise in its own right, with the man even being invited to present the game at this year's E3 festivities, but if you were guessing the Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu Reeves character will be little more than a cameo, think again.

Reality is quite the opposite, in fact, as Johnny Silverhand, the legendary singer/musician/Rockerboy of the Cyberpunk universe. Coincidentally, Silverhand will essentially be the player's sidekick over the course of Cyberpunk 2077's story."

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jeb69125d ago

I think it would kind of lessen the interest if Reeves becomes a major character. Is it just a cyber-punk meets John Wick then? It would be better if he just has a cameo.

BillyMidnight125d ago

Keanu Reeves having a voice acting role in a game doesn't make a John Wick video game. Like seriously, who thinks like this?

smolinsk125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

It's not only vice, if you missed it then I can tell you he is bloody in it.. It's absolutely a keanu wick game now, everybody will think that when they see him..

slate91125d ago

Children, children think like this lol.

-Foxtrot125d ago

It's not bad but it would have been better though if they gave him a far out design, like maybe his hair tied up or given a Mohawk

Like "OH that....nah....wait...HOLY CRAP IT IS" when you first saw him but as soon as he revealed himself you just knew, especially with the long hair and facial hair, the exact same he has in John Wick, that it was Keanu Reeves

SierraGuy125d ago

Who thinks John Wick the movie was anything to write home about?

tontontam0125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Yeah seriously, if you see Keanu Reeves in a video game you don't think about John wick you think about the matrix.

Hungryalpaca125d ago

It just means the matrix is John Wick 0

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smolinsk125d ago

Absolutely agree, now it's just a keanu reeves game and that's a pity, was looking forward to this new game without having to have this commercial stunt, soo stupid

SolidGamerX125d ago

So I guess that makes Crackdown 3 just a Terry Cruise game, or maybe its an Old Spice game?

goldwyncq125d ago

And Death Stranding is just a Norman Reedus game.

quent125d ago

It's not a stunt, the character himself exists in the cyberpunk lore/universe, so obviously someone has to actand portray him so why not Keanu, it's not like his Troy Baker or Nolan North who can't go a week without being in a video game

KwietStorm125d ago

Oh of course, because John Wick is the only role Keanu has ever played.

RememberThe357125d ago

Nah I think it's more Cyberpunk meets Matrix meets Point Break meets Speed meets Bill and Ted meets John Wick more than anything else.

SaveFerris125d ago

You forgot A Walk in the Clouds, Little Buddha, The Watcher, Knock, Knock, and Johnny Mnemonic.

SolidGear3125d ago

To The Bone also.. Tackling the hard hitting issue of anorexia in teen girls

SolidGamerX125d ago

Maybe it will be more like a Ted's excellent adventure.

zacfoldor125d ago

lol why do you only associate him with John Wick. Either way, Reeves is a famous person I like very much. I want him in this game, and I can't wait for it.

krauley125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

when i first saw the reveal on this game i knew i would be getting it but then i saw KR's little cameo and decided...nothing changed, still getting it. Not sure what is different still looks like the same game right?


Have you heard of this thing called acting? Its his job, you havent seen his portrayal of this character yet or even what its supposed to be. Yes keanu reeves looks like *gasp* keanu reeves.

You do understand he has been acting for over 30 years... right?

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Traecy125d ago

Hopefully he's a badass like in the Matrix & John Wick movies.

anonymousfan125d ago

I personally think this is great news but I hear a lot of negativity. When Reeves said at E3 he was a part of this project for years I understood it meant CDprojekt locked him down before his recent resurgence. I thought it was just a great move on the studio's side. Am I wrong?!

RememberThe357125d ago

No you're not wrong, it's your opinion. The rest of these assholes think Keanu is lame. They can all suck d!ck.

anonymousfan125d ago

Well I wouldn't quite use the same words as you lol but glad to find people that I can agree with on the subject. :)

SolidGamerX125d ago

You can keep your games as a service and your clouds the future of gaming is Keanu frickin Reeves!

KwietStorm125d ago

People are so simple minded. Hollywood actors have had their likenesses in games for years, but now all of a sudden it's so disappointing because Cyberpunk is now just John Wick. Clowns.

Noskypeno125d ago

As long as the character feels authentic then i dont mind, just dont want an actor to just cash in without caring about the role. Keith David and Nathan Fillion fit perfect in the Halo universe and they arent one of those actors who are are ashamed to be in a videogame, in fact Fillion begged Sony to sign him up for the Uncharted movie.

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