Cyberpunk 2077’s E3 demo has weak gunplay and unimaginative stereotypes

"At some point, Cyberpunk 2077 has to evolve from a visually impressive – yes Keanu, even breathtaking – world and into something more interesting. I want more than meat and gun oil: I want moral dilemmas and a thoughtful exploration of transhumanism. More importantly, I want the game not to lean on racial stereotypes. After CD Projekt Red’s latest E3 demo, I’m concerned on both fronts." RockPaperShotgun says.

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Gahl1k3d ago

*just rolled my eyes so hard I saw my brain*

Ricegum2d ago


"The guy is right."

What if no one is right or wrong, and it really just comes down to personal opinion? Crazy, I know.

BrettAwesome2d ago

You shouldn't stuck at 1st person games

TheRealTedCruz2d ago (Edited 2d ago )


You saying that the game should be third person is a freaking opinion.
Stop trying to muddy up something so simple as to what an opinion is; trying to act smart.

The fact people like you are still whining over the game being first-person is just sad at this point. The game is nearing release. Just get over it already.

mikeslemonade2d ago

..and the game should be third person.

Just like FF7 should be turn based.

TheRealTedCruz2d ago (Edited 2d ago )


Guess Mikey boy knows better than the multi award winning developer on how to best develop their new ip.

And FF7 is an existing title being redone. There's more merit to question the change in gameplay to that (though the changes seem to be received well by many) than there is in a developer handling a new ip.
Guerrilla Games only made 1st person shooters, up until they made HZD. Didn't see anyone getting their panties in a bunch over that. At least be consistent.

mikeslemonade2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

They’re an overrated developer. Witcher 3 was not that great. Y’all just got low standards when it comes to action RPGs. The battle system was mediocre.

TheRealTedCruz2d ago

Welp, Mike.

I'm sorry you couldn't appreciate one of the best RPGs of the decade with the rest of us.

That's a shame.

Wolffenblitz2d ago

Mike says we all have low standards, but his standards are so sky high he can't enjoy anything.

Maybe he needs to get his nose out of the clouds.

BrettAwesome2d ago

@Mike's slimonella

So FFVII HAS to be turn based? By that logic Cyberpunk HAS to be pen and paper, NOT 3rd person.

Realms2d ago

@ mikeslemonade

Opinions are like a holes everyone has one, how is the game overrated if people haven't even played it yet. You then go on a tangent about the camera view, then proceed to shite on the Witcher 3 you don't have to like their games but who made you an authority on what is considered quality and what isn't. If you don't like their games that's fine just keep it moving because you don't speak for everyone.

carcarias2d ago


What has 1st person camera got to do with supposed stereotypes? Change the camera all you want, the NPC's will be the same.

syphon322d ago

@mikeslemonade your outta of your effing mind on that Witcher 3 shot, a very cheap shot indeed, the Witcher 3 was fucking phenomenal. Your entitled to your opinion but my opinion thinks your opinion is hot dog shart. Smell ya later troll

boyyzackk2d ago


You're getting wrecked bro

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Nitrowolf23d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I’m going in there with you!

Wulfer2d ago

Mike would be the greatest RPG of all time if Sony had the exclusive marketing rights to the game?

Just asking???

Imalwaysright2d ago

It's more difficult to find a glimpse of journalism in this thing than finding Wally in a 50 by 50 meters page.

Seraphim2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

there's always one in the crowd. ridiculous drivel... move along, move along...

Thunder_G0d_Bane2d ago

These articles are so dumb, gunplay is certainly not the reason I play RPG's like this. If i want gunplay i play Destiny/Battlefield.

Fallout for example has terrible gunplay but its RPG elements are just excellent!
Witcher has terrible combat compared to the likes of Shadow of Mordor or Batman but its RPG elements again Untouchable!

starchild2d ago

I don't prefer the combat in Shadow of Mordor and Batman. I actually found The Witcher 3's combat on the highest difficulties to be more enjoyable. But I do get your overall point.

cyber_daemonx2d ago

So many salty witcher fans crying over the 1st person camera lol.

TengHu2d ago

Once I saw "Opinion Piece", I didn't bother clicking the link.

And for all gamers in doubt of Cyberpunk 2077: Simply don't buy it. Problem solved. Stop whining. If you want a game in third-person with "moral dilemmas and a thoughtful exploration of transhumanism", go make it yourself because this one is clearly not for you.

Android2d ago

Comments like these restore faith in humanity. Lol

averagejoe262d ago

When someone says something that you disagree with you just post a lame comment like this.

But if it was positive reviews, you'd be clapping your hands.

Fanboys gonna fanboy.

Gahl1k2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Did you even read the article? 'Gaming Journalism' couldn't get any lamer.
Taking jabs at a game for its mechanics, gameplay, graphics, or even story is fine and encouraged actually. However, trying to shove your point of view (read: political agenda) in your criticism is not.

TylerID2d ago

I rolled my eyes so far I even saw my testicles.

rainslacker2d ago

I'd think it'd be fine considering that RDR2 was scored in the 10's despite having weak gunplay and unimaginative stereotypes.

Apparently, mundane is more acceptable than different.

DigitalHope2d ago

When did mikes become a PS guy? He use to rep Xbox so hard.

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Christopher3d ago

***I want moral dilemmas and a thoughtful exploration of transhumanism. More importantly, I want the game not to lean on racial stereotypes.***

Sounds like you should write what you want because you want something very specific to your tastes. How about just talking about what is there instead of what you "want" there. It's not your story, it's theirs.

VenomUK2d ago

@Christopher. Perfectly said.

Too frequently you are getting game reporters criticising games or marking them down, not because they are poor quality, but because they do not match the specific idea of what the game should be. It actually shows a disrespect for the reader because they believe they are more important than the creator and the reader.

Many of these writers can benefit from learning from respected film critics who are able to disagree with characters and events in a movie yet are professional enough to celebrate it for it's art and entertainment.

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3rdstar2d ago

Actually, what he's describing is at the heart of Cyberpunk fiction. Transhumanism as a concept is one of the most heavily drawn upon ideas on the genre. Moral dilemmas drive the narratives of these stories. That...kind of has to be in the game. Of course this is an E3 demo and not the full game. We will know more next April when it actually drops.

rainslacker2d ago

LOL. Expecting reviewers to review a product for what it is.

You're so cute.

SSj2Crono1d 16h ago

I'm genuinely surprised this wasn't a lefty echo comment. I agree wholeheartedly.

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AK913d ago

Well we all know how out of touch with gaming these journalists are, this just means CyberPunk is a guaranteed GOTY contender.

Samus7072d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Not only are they out of touch, I would say that they actively work against their community at outlets like RPS, Polygon and Kotaku due to a strange hatred of gamers. This game has major hype amongst the community, therefore these urinalists must hate it and year it down. Same old song.

Wulfer2d ago

Sounds like Hollywood and these journalist should get along just fine.

killswitch802d ago

It will most likely be one of the most important forms of entertainment ever created.

Reefskye2d ago

I read somewhere recently these site do this for hits because they know YouTubers will report the articles and there fans will flock to their site to slate them, they all innit for click baiting ppl for more hits around 30% of their traffic comes from youtube

DaDrunkenJester2d ago

The clickbait is real. Sucks this is what the gaming news/journalism has become... but even world journalism has essentially become the same thing.

Spicyram2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

LMAO @ 4 disagrees!

NiteX2d ago

What is a sham pie? A pie that is fake?

Hungryalpaca3d ago

Oh look. A game people are looking forward to and here comes the “journalists” to start whining about how it’s not catering to THEM.

generic-user-name2d ago

The mainstream gaming media will be gunning for anything CD projekt Red make thanks to a couple of jokes their twitter accounts made at the expense of progressive ideals. A big no no.

This is the start of the smear campaign.