Cyberpunk 2077’s E3 demo has weak gunplay and unimaginative stereotypes

"At some point, Cyberpunk 2077 has to evolve from a visually impressive – yes Keanu, even breathtaking – world and into something more interesting. I want more than meat and gun oil: I want moral dilemmas and a thoughtful exploration of transhumanism. More importantly, I want the game not to lean on racial stereotypes. After CD Projekt Red’s latest E3 demo, I’m concerned on both fronts." RockPaperShotgun says.

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Christopher428d ago

***I want moral dilemmas and a thoughtful exploration of transhumanism. More importantly, I want the game not to lean on racial stereotypes.***

Sounds like you should write what you want because you want something very specific to your tastes. How about just talking about what is there instead of what you "want" there. It's not your story, it's theirs.

VenomUK427d ago

@Christopher. Perfectly said.

Too frequently you are getting game reporters criticising games or marking them down, not because they are poor quality, but because they do not match the specific idea of what the game should be. It actually shows a disrespect for the reader because they believe they are more important than the creator and the reader.

Many of these writers can benefit from learning from respected film critics who are able to disagree with characters and events in a movie yet are professional enough to celebrate it for it's art and entertainment.

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3rdstar427d ago

Actually, what he's describing is at the heart of Cyberpunk fiction. Transhumanism as a concept is one of the most heavily drawn upon ideas on the genre. Moral dilemmas drive the narratives of these stories. That...kind of has to be in the game. Of course this is an E3 demo and not the full game. We will know more next April when it actually drops.

rainslacker427d ago

LOL. Expecting reviewers to review a product for what it is.

You're so cute.

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AK91428d ago

Well we all know how out of touch with gaming these journalists are, this just means CyberPunk is a guaranteed GOTY contender.

Samus707428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

Not only are they out of touch, I would say that they actively work against their community at outlets like RPS, Polygon and Kotaku due to a strange hatred of gamers. This game has major hype amongst the community, therefore these urinalists must hate it and year it down. Same old song.

Wulfer427d ago

Sounds like Hollywood and these journalist should get along just fine.

killswitch80428d ago

It will most likely be one of the most important forms of entertainment ever created.

Reefskye427d ago

I read somewhere recently these site do this for hits because they know YouTubers will report the articles and there fans will flock to their site to slate them, they all innit for click baiting ppl for more hits around 30% of their traffic comes from youtube

DaDrunkenJester427d ago

The clickbait is real. Sucks this is what the gaming news/journalism has become... but even world journalism has essentially become the same thing.

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Hungryalpaca428d ago

Oh look. A game people are looking forward to and here comes the “journalists” to start whining about how it’s not catering to THEM.

generic-user-name427d ago

The mainstream gaming media will be gunning for anything CD projekt Red make thanks to a couple of jokes their twitter accounts made at the expense of progressive ideals. A big no no.

This is the start of the smear campaign.