Marvel’s Avengers: Devs Listening to All Feedback & Will Improve Visuals, Hero Lock Confirmed

The Avengers game devs said they are listening to "all feedback" amid worries about the character design. Character lock for one team confirmed.

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slavish0130d ago

they all do look so generic and off

Nitrowolf2130d ago

It has those tomb raider animations in their faces that I think is making it look weird., or unfinished/rough

I hope it looks better by launch

slavish0130d ago

I think people wouldn't have focused on its short comings if they actually showed gameplay. We'd be talking about that but nope. Horrible reveal imo

starchild129d ago

I don't see what's wrong with them, aside from them not being the actors we're familiar with from the recent movies. I think any time you create new digital characters for already established characters they always tend to feel kind of off until you actually get used to them by playing through the story. Here's Peter Parker from the recent Spiderman game for comparison:

CyrusLemont129d ago

The whole trailer was nasty AF, horrible editing, broken audio mix. Captain America and Thor’s physiques were so off, they looked like fat rectangles. Every gameplay piece looked so scripted and broken to the point that it was like they were hitting a “play animation” button for each movement.

The VA cast just helped emphasise that these devs care more about big production values than substance or content. Troy Baker, Nolan North and Laura Bailey is a waste of money, so generic and takes you out of the characters story’s. I immediately thought of Peter Dinklage and Destiny. I can’t see these VAs coming back every few months to record new dialogue and mocaps for new content.

Really feeling a flop with this. Which is a shame because I was so excited until 10 seconds into the trailer.

Zeke68129d ago

You make it sound like that was a gameplay trailer but it wasn't, it was a CGI trailer.

DaDrunkenJester129d ago

They look like typical Square type characters. They look fine.

ButtAnihilator129d ago

Typical square type characters don't look good though. lol

RememberThe357130d ago

They have a lot of work on their hands. Worst reveal of E3 IMO.

jukins130d ago

My marvel fanboyism got the best of me I was defending this since it's an original story but after watching it over and over yea those faces are horrible. Not so concerned about the voices but the characters faces look like a create a character base model.

Again huge marvel fan so I still have hope that they're really listening to this fan feed back. Also cant see marvel in it's current pop star status allowing something so I'll recieved unless more gameplay will show us different.

harmny130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Who would be concerned about the voices? They hired the best actors in gaming history
Troy Baker. Nolan North. Laura Bailey

TheGamez100130d ago

Theyre great VAs yea but they just dont suit the avengers. I guess we're just too used to the cartoons and the mcu.

jukins129d ago

Obviously not me, as stated, but I see comments and the like about the voices as well.

excaliburps129d ago

Not the faces for me but the actual designs and graphics. Budget Avengers come to mind, indeed. :(

343_Guilty_Spark130d ago

They all have a Nathan Fillion look even Black Widow

The7Reaper129d ago

I'm fine with the looks of everyone but Black Widow because in the trailer she just looks like a dude in a red wig.

Poopmist129d ago

Yeah basically. Why is her jaw so manly?

ChickenOfTheCaveMan129d ago

There was supposed to be that whole storyline where Widow hit menopause :P, I guess they'll write it out now.

gamer7804129d ago

I couldn't put my finger on it bit yah she looks like in both her face and physique.

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The story is too old to be commented.