Top 5 Zelda Games

Has there ever been a better video game series than the Zelda video game series? Maybe the Super Mario, Castlevania, Metroid and Mega Man series, but after those, Zelda has no competition. The single factor that contributes towards a great gaming series is the amount of great games in the series. The same cannot be said for the Double Dragon series, for example, where it fell drastically in quality after Double Dragon 2. In the Zelda series though, the games seemed to get better with each subsequent addition. This is rare for a video game series, and the Zelda series has been able to accomplish this with flying colors. Controversy will be heard in the sequencing of this list, but that only goes to show how strong each game in the series was.

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ChickeyCantor4047d ago

Lol you said good list in the openzone!

But, links awakening should be number 2

4-Majoras mask.
2-links awakening.
1-link to the past.

OldWizard4047d ago ocarina either. awesome. love an independent thinker.

Son of Odin4047d ago

it can be a good list but still lack a game. thats the strength of zelda.

Maxned4047d ago

I didnt really get into the Top-Down Zelda games like Zelda 2.

I did love games like Twilight Princess, OOT, Majora's Mask and Wind Waker though.

Edit: Actually I take that back. I played Minish Cap on the Gameboy and thats an awesome game.

Samus20804047d ago

Majoras Mask was Crap. Link to the Past #1 all the way